Thursday, October 13, 2005

Post A Comment

I always wonder, why don't my readers leave comments in my blog?

I see the amount of readers on the counter, I feel happy; but it makes me doubt that the readers really read my blog, or is someone playing a prank on me?

I don't have any idea who are my readers! Are they my friends? My enemies?

I really like reading comments on my blog. Then I'll know what you guys think, and help me to improve too.

So next time, please leave a note lah, make me happier mar... write your name too ok? =*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Housewarming PARTY!!!

Yay! We're gonna have a housewarming party at our house! And, it's not gonna be one party, but two!~~ One for colleagues and the other for friends! Woohoo~

Parties, I love parties!

My mum said that housewarming parties are for people who has bought a house of their own and has shifted in, then they hold a housewarming party. But I love parties!! I have to have one! My birthday is way over, Yi-Shen's birthday is way way longer ago; Christmas, is still so far away, I've left with no choice! Furthermore, I want the yang energy in the house mah... haiyoh...

Please bare with me for updating so seldomly, and not uploading the pictures that I've promised.

Meanwhile, I have my guest list with me, and some contacts to do!