Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Green Gals and Guys!

Although i won't say that i really know a lot about saving mother nature, but i can say that i do try to do the least bit i can in going green. As you can see, i have a in my sidebar, i'm joining Jean to create awareness in GOING GREEN.

Below is some tips all quoted from her blog which some i did not know would help in saving the environment:

"Do you know that the world population is expanding at a mind-boggling rate? Yes, it is. It is estimated that the population will go up to 9 billions by 2050. That's mean if the world's natural resources were evenly distributed, our children or/ and grandchildren will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people in 1950 had.

If we intend to leave our children and grandchildren with the same standard of living we have enjoyed, we must preserve the foundation of that standard of living. We save for college educations, orthodontia, and weddings, but what about saving clean air, water, fuel sources and soil for future generations?"

-source taken from

We do not need be a soldier, aggresively marching down the battle field, to help our Mother Nature. Just be yourself and go green in your daily activities. Here are 10 ways how we can go green:

1. Crank the knob
According to the National Environment Agency in Singapore, air-conditioned buildings need only to set their thermostat between 23°C and 25°C. Anything lower is a waste as you simply won't feel a difference in temperature. For every degree you adjust, you spare the air 500 pounds of carbon dioxide.

2. Sweat the small stuff
According to, if every worker used one less staple, we'd save up to 330,000 tons of steel a day. That's some heavy metal! Switch to a staple-less stapler, available at stationery shops, which folds paper to bind it.

3. Clean green
Household cleaning products give off chemical emissions that aren't only harmful to the planet, but to you too. Swap yours for the eco-friendly and completely non-toxic Shaklee Get Clean products.

4. Age your driving style
Don't speed: going 90km/h instead of 110km/h slashes fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent. If your car is fitted with a cruise control option, use it when you're driving on teh highway to maintain a steady speed and save on fuel.

5. Eat closer to home
Transporting produce across oceans or by air is amajor contributor to pollution. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation reported in 2006 that 18 per cen of the world's greenhouse gas emissions were due to the international meat industry. Choose locally farmed produce and the demand for imported stuff will fall, along with CO2 levels.

6. Stash your trashRecycle
Yes, it's an obvious one and you would think that after hearing it so many times, we'd be non-stop recycling machines by now, but there are still so may of us who aren't doing it! We chuck 19,000 tons of waste everyday, enough to fill 36 Petronas Twin Towers in a year! About 95 per cent of the waste ends up in landfills, which we're quickly running out of, and who knows how much of it could have been recycled?

7. Be a cone head
The next time you feel like eating ice-cream, ask for a cone, not cup. That way, you can eat the whole 'packaging' and there's no paper cup or plastic spoon to toss out.

8. Say no to the machine
Don't ask for ATM receipts. If every one in the USA refused theirs, it would save a roll of paper more than two billion feet long, or enough to circle the equator 15 times. Malaysians would create a roll more than 330 million feet long, going round the equator two and a half times.

9. Think natural and cool
Using cold water to do the laundry saves 50 per cent more energy than using hot water. To dry, hang them out in the sun - the heat is a natural disinfectant - and you'll again be saving energy, as an automatic dryer uses an average of six per cent of the household electricity.

10. Make sure your fashion is green
We're not going to say stop dry cleaning your clothes, because that's just an impossible request. The next time you do, however, tell the cleaners to skip the plastic. Also, find a greener cleaner - Pressto dry cleaners use biodegradeable stain removers and detergents, and theor machines are eco-friendly too, designed by an in-house team of engineers and technicians. There are outlets in Sri Hartamas (opposite Cat's Whiskers boutique) and Bangsar (Jalan Maarof).

-taken from FEMALE magazine JUNE issue.
So what have i been doing that's green, you ask. Well for a start, i try to recycle as much paper as possible at work and at home - i use both sides of paper and often place papers that has been used both sides in our recycle box (i say often coz sometimes i'm lazy to walk to the box, so i just throw away the papers, sorry!); at home, we recycle newspapers, and we have another box for miscellanous paper items like envelopes, cardboards, magazines, etc.

Then, when i buy lunch back to office to eat, i bring my own container instead of using styrofoam. I force my colleague to do the same too, so now both of us hold a container and pack our food in them, which is good. I always skip those small small plastic bags they give when you buy drinks or sweets or whatever it is because those small bags are useless! You won't reuse them because the material is so thin and the size is too small anyway.. so i'm asking you to say no you don't need the bag too next time!

I still need to do a lot to really help in going green, so let's do as much as we can. It's easy!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

SheriShopie is born!

My friends, SheriShopie is finally up! Do visit my shopie and let me know whatever you think that I can improve.

This is my logo, designed by Chyi's friend. Many thanks to koreanfringe! The logo is not just a logo, it has meanings in it that is personal to me. I did give it much thoughts you know, not just cin-cai design.. of course you'd know what does the diamond ring in it means, it means I love diamonds! Hah, it also means I'm also selling accessories la yah!

I'll slowly have more things in my shopie, I wanna have clothes! bags! YAY!

See ya there! SHERISHOPIE!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To China we go

Over the weekend, Yi-Shen, George (a uni friend) and I went to MATTA fair. We wanted to go to Bali, but throughout the whole fair, we realised that all travel agents are offering ground packages only; which means they do not include air tickets but only hotel and some local tours when you get there. They say it's because most people will buy Air Asia's promotional tickets themselves.

How disappointing! And I thought I didn't want to join my colleagues in buying the tickets for July next year coz MATTA fair might have good deals and which I won't have to wait so long to go! Sien... well they do have air tickets too, but it's RM700 over! It's so not worth it, so Yi-Shen got quite disappointed.

As you can see from my title today, yeah, in the end we bought a package to China.

How did we end up buying that? George lah! He likes China, he just got back from a trip to other provinces of China a month ago, and he wants to go again. So he chose this Spectacular Gourmet Tour to Macau/Zhuhai/Zhongshan/Shunde/Panyu/
Foshan/Guangzhou/Gongguan/Shenzhen, all in 6 days. It is considered a catch (at RM1200+) looking at the many places we'll be going, but in 6 days.. I think I can imagine the rushing part.

We're giving China a try since the only part of China I've been to years ago is Guangzhou, and I'm sure a lot have changed since then. And we get to go to Macau, and it's almost the same price as the packages to Bali. Guess I have enough reasons to convince myself again. Although if I wait for the next zero fare AA promotion I'll only be paying 288 per person for the tickets, and say 250 for 4 nights stay in the hotel, and 200 for food, another 200 for transport.. which in total cost less than 1000. hmm...

Well, money have been paid, there's no room for regrets now, although, I'm not saying that I regret or anything.. So China, here we come!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

warehouse sales

I guess those who know me enough will know that I LOVE warehouse sales, in other words, I'm a sucker for it.

I would wake up early in the morning, queue a long queue, pack and push with the other crazy shoppers, just for these sales.

The most extreme one that I did was the Estee Lauder warehouse sale - Ching and I woke up at 6 in the morning, Yi-Shen fetched us to Renaissance KL, the queue was already crazy. You can guess how packed that hall was lah, I don't really mind the pushing and stepping on my toes; I'm disgusted that some people don't smell too good.. maybe it's too early and they didn't bathe before going.. You know, I'm taller than most average Malaysian girls, guys too.. so I can totally smell their heads man! *vommit*

Anyway, the thing is after we came out of war, with purchases for sure, I had to rush to work! Hahah! Was slightly wee bit late lah.. Yi-Shen waited for us all time, very good horr? Gong, if you are reading, must continue love me and bring me to all the sales yah? If can, next time I don't want to go to w/h sales anymore, I want to shop luxury-ly.

So you can see how much I can sacrifice for w/h sales now.

When I first knew about w/h sales and went to them, I wasted quite a lot of money buying things that I do not use in the end. Now, I try to buy what I really need. It's difficult lah.

This weekend, there are so many warehouse sales going on that I do not know which to go first. There's the great MATTA fair, there's Diethelm w/h sales,Hush Puppies w/h sales, Padini w/h sales, an offline e-shop sale.. which should I miss?!

Sales oh sales, here I come!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My current goal

I want to do business!

I once asked Yi-Shen, "do you think I can sell clothes at Pasar Malam?" his response was so big and negative coz he is so very sure that I will not be able to take it coz I am so 小姐. Who says I am 小姐? Shut up! I may be one last time, but I'm no longer too 小姐 now.. well.. maybe only at certain situations, or with certain people, or under certain conditions of the weather.. And.. oh crap!

But if I don't try, how will I know whether I can or I can't? Maybe not Pasar Malams, maybe weekend flea markets. I am sure I can!


(after writing this entry half way, I saved it and wanted to continue when I had the time; and now it's already 1 month later..)

Ok... Lately, there are so many e-shops online, selling all sorts of things. Clothes, bags, accessories, second hand items, you name it, you've got it. We've been buying from them and going to their off line sales, we love it! So I figured this is my opportunity! But knowing me, I'm not the type of person that loves risks, I'm afraid that there'll be not enough time for me to manage my e-shop, what if there's no customers, what if this, what if that..

I have so many worries and concern before even starting – which is negative thinking – which is wrong! I have to kick start my plan if not I will never know whether or not it will work for me! So now I'm starting my plan one step at a time, with Chyi's help I hope our very own e-shop will be open for business SOON!

Wait for my good news~