Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To my sisters

It is such a happy thing to be together, all of us.

We have so much fun! Although once together long, someone somehow tends to lose their temper.

Let's work on this, so we'll enjoy each others company more than ever!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Moscow, Russia

I was telling chyi the house is back to normal, everyone has left and it feels sad! i really wanted to cry! i know i'll be going back to pj right after i come back from this 9 day pattern moscow-houston, but i still feel sad! maybe it's because this is the first time i'll be away for more than 4 days..

it's snowing in moscow, and it's my first time seeing snow! snowflakes are not as tiny as i imagined, you can see the shapes clearly, and they are rather big!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


when i first stepped into the aircraft, i told myself to suck it up and just work because i was feeling weepy.. i felt that the leading wasn't very nice.. but it's not quite true.. i was just feeling crapy. 

the bus ride to the hotel took 2 hours! It's my first time seeing snow! I CAN see snow flakes flying down, stopping on my nose! 

But it's really boring here in moscow! there's no internet connection in the room, there's nothing interesting to watch on tv.. sigh! the crew did mention about going out to the red square, but my clothing aren't warm enough for snow! =(

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Location: Christchurch

Arrived this morning, wiped away my red lipstick, changed and we hopped on to their yellow bus to a japanese place for lunch. You can imagine how zombie we felt after 12 hours of work and we still managed to go to their Pak'nSave for some groceries shopping..

Bought a bottle of pancake (powder) mix to try with me sisters! Maybe I'm suaku, or maybe normally it's in a box so I'm drawn to this bottled one. Just add water into the bottle, shake and pour!