Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Male, Maldives

I was called up to Male, replacing my 3 days pattern with 4! How great is that! There's really only chilling to do there and it was definitely a vacation. 

I went snorkeling for a very short while the day after we arrived, it was rather cloudy so there wasn't much to see. Swam a little in the pool and finished carving one of my stamps. 

We went for a sunset tour the next day and it was awesome! There were dolphins and they really are adorable creatures! One of them did a flip for us, twice! 

It was really an experience, sipping wine on the cruiser, with the wind and the view. life's good to be wealthy! 

But I think the ever so popular Male is pretty much like the other islands I've been to. Nice beach, breath-taking blue sea, friendly staff, it's all the same, right?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mykonos, Greece

Right after touch down in Athens, I joined 4 other crew and went online to search for tickets and accommodation to Mykonos, a beautiful island of Greece.

In the end, instead of taking the 4 hour ferry, we got to the airport to buy the half an hour plane ride which costs euro 250 both ways. It's my first time going on such an impromptu trip where nothing has been booked or arranged! 

All the buildings in Mykonos are white by law, their windows and doors are blue, like their flag. It was sunny but very windy, nice weather I'd say!

We had one of our dinners at a Greek restaurant, the locals are so different from our people, they're happy and fun. They were dancing to the band all night long and pulled us along!

Mykonos is a nice place to relax, a nice place to be with my loved ones.