Friday, January 20, 2006

Christmas (B)

This is my banner!
Actually my dear friend Pen Hau was supposed to be one of the organizers too, but (to all of you who know him) you know la, he being he... in the end, he was our Santa Claus!!
Ho Ho Ho! Gift for everyone!

Drinks bar

At the party, I got so drunk that I couldn't focus on the ceiling when I looked at it.

Christmas (A)

The Tree

The Centrepiece


I was the organizer of our office Christmas party; I sent out invitations to all who're invited, arranged the food catering, did all the decorations, etc etc. Yes, I'm proud of it coz I feel it turned out pretty enjoyable! Everyone had fun! Everyone got drunk!

Well since I was the one who decorated the office, I decided that if we have a banner that is drawn by ourselves, it'd be even meaningful. So off we went to buy fabric paint and stuffs needed.

I did all the sketching, measuring, drawing, painting, alone, clever leh~~~

Except the Santa's sack la, Yi-Shen was the one who painted the sack, which turned out not-so-nice-compared-to-mine!! hahah! He wanted to achieve a 3d effect, doesn't want the sack to look flat, like my Santa. *_*

Sigh, I don't know why I can't upload more photos already. I tried for so many times but the pictures doesn't seem to appear after uploading...


The photos are dark.

Jay Chow's girl; Hou Pei Chen.

Yi-Shen's girl; ME!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


ahaha!! Just kidding. This is Storm, the Chow Chow that everyone loved! he is so cute!

This is Storm's father, I forgot his name, look at his eyes!! You have to lift his eyebrows up then only you can see his eyes!

For the time being, these are the pictures that I'll upload, the connection here is not so good...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fan's of S.H.E?

Any of you here are super fans of S.H.E? 'Coz if you are, you'll be so jealous of me because I'm gonna meet them in person and be with them from day to night! Hah! We're going for a shooting day after tomorrow, and of course, the hosts will be the very famous S.H.E!

It's not like I'm a super fan (or fan) of theirs la, but after all, this will be my first time working with super well known celebrities from Taiwan wor... So, must let you guys know la! hehe...

Well, before getting to work with them, what I feel about them for the time being is;

Ella, I don't hate nor like her. Hebe, I personally like her most because I feel she is less pretentious compared to the think-she's-so-pretty Selina! Selina is so very pretentious la! I can't stand her! She goes ee-aa-ee all the time, and her voice!

Her voice, when I say I hate the way she talks (because of her voice, which I think is so fake), it makes me think of how some girls hate me because of the way I talk. To them, I'm also a pretentious person who fakes the oh-so-manja voice to make guys like me. But... the way I talk, even to my mum, is really like this! Takkan I can fake the way I talk for so long? =( But Selina! Is her voice really that 'nosey'? (If you don't understand what 'nosey' is, it's talking with real a lot of bi2 yin1.) We'll wait and see lah, see if she speaks in that tone off screen.

So let's just wait and see how it turns out la, maybe in the end the one I like most is Selina, who knows? ;)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Housefly In Soup

Customer: Wa!! Boss! There's a fly in my soup la! Apalah?

Boss: Ha? Really? Where? Let me see?

Customer: Of course real la! See? See? See?

Boss: Oh, ok, sorry, sorry, I change for you.

Customer: (To friend) Wa, make me drink the whole bowl of soup that has a housefly in it la... this shop ah, next time cannot come la!

Friend: Yeah loh, must ask him to give discount la.

Boss: Here you go Boss, sorry ah! Later I give you discount, no problem!

Did that housefly decide to swim in that particular bowl of soup, or was it a very ambitious fly who wanted to swim in the whole pot of soup?

Will the customer drink the second bowl of soup given, or will he go back and vomit what he had consumed?

If the fly indeed was an ambitious one, and if the customer decided to drink the new bowl of soup thinking that the fly wasn't an ambitious one, what's the conclusion, my friends?

If she (let's assume my soup drinking character is a female la, females are more bitchy ma!) were to ask for a big discount, pay her bill and never go to that shop again, go around telling all the people she knows, plus the people she doesn't know to not to go to that shop anymore; it may be because she feels it’s an super-non-hygienic-restaurant.

If, she were to complain and complain about the fly to her friends that are together with her, drink the new bowl of soup, continue complaining some more, ask for a big discount, pay her bill and never go to that shop again, go around telling all the people she knows, plus the people she doesn't know to not to go to that shop anymore; then, it may be because her female instinct tells her that the housefly is not an ambitious one.

Gosh, I'm confused of myself.

What I feel about this is, that most of the time the way people react is all in the mindset when these kinda situations arise.

We can:

(A) tell ourselves that the germs of the housefly has long been killed by the temperature of the boiling soup, and don't have to make a big fuss over the heroic-fly;


(B) think and do otherwise.

It is this (A) and (B) that's confusing me. Why do most of us (at least for me I will) choose (B) when (A) is a much more harmonious way of dealing with things? 'Coz you know why? It makes our lives more interesting and spicy! And I love spicy food!!!

I guess that's why... (at least for me it is.)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Doing Sweet Things

When Cher Li bought an ice-cream to my surprise the other day, it made me think about the sweet things people around me did for me.

Well, in Cher Li's case, it was when we were at Mid Valley shopping. She was sharing an ice-cream together with my mum when they offered me a mouth of it and i declined. Why, they asked, i simply said that i want Mandarin-Orange flavoured and not what they're having. It was really just an excuse for not wanting to eat just because i didn't feel like it. So, we continued shopping and forgot about the comment i gave when suddenly, Cher Li patted me at my back and when i turned around, she was holding a Mandarin-Orange ice-cream for me!!! How sweet right?

Another sweet thing done for me is one morning when i was getting ready for work ( it was a day off for Yi-Shen so he was still sleeping), he suddenly got up and went out of the room. I continued doing my things and eventually Yi-Shen got back in the room and went to sleep again. I didn't ask him la why did he go out, but i found out why when I walked out of the room and saw a glass of hot Milo on the table, for me... How sweet right?

It's these small things that people do for you, that can make you melt and feel very happy, right?

I Know This is WAY Too Late

I know this entry is way too late, but since I made a promise of writing about it (which I do want to), and for hoping that by updating my blog, my web counter will come back to me, here goes.

The concert was a tremendous one! And what more, it lasted for 3 hours, which I feel is very worth my money. Although I was only sitting at he RM140 area It was really too bad that we had to leave before the concert ended. We left with heavy steps because we had to catch the last commuter train.

The next day when I read the newspapers, I shouted!! Yerh! When we left, she sang another 3 songs! And one of it is my favourite! Too bad...

Well, during the concert, we got caught taking photos several times. The not so macho security ah pek (he's not an old man, but I call him ah pek because I don't like him) even started a hand wrestle with Cher Ching because he wanted to snatch our camera away from us! So while Ching was battling with him, I kept very quiet (not looking at him) and sort of continue looking at Fish Leong sing! Finally, he left, zhen1 tao3 yan4! Some people were happily taking away and he doesn't seem to see it?!

Anyway, let's talk about happier things. As always, there're always many people who shouts at the celebrities name while thery're on stage right, well, we did too! BUT, we did it when Fish Leong was talking and when everyone else was quietly, paying full attention to what she was saying! Whoa! It was awesome! She heard us, everyone did! Fish Leong even stopped for a while, smiling!

Overall, the concert was enjoyable. Too bad Andy Lau came to Malaysia for his concert too soon. Because I didn't feel I have the extra money to go to his concert although he was in my swear together with Fish Leong. I once sweared that I'll go for sure to his and her concert if ever they come to Malaysia. Heheh...

Anyway, as you guys may notice that there're no photos at all here. Please give me a little time as it is very hard for me to blog nowadays since our house has no internet connection yet. So, i'll burn the pictures into a cd and bring it here, then only upload them lah! =*

where is my counter?!!!!

oh my god! where has my web counter gone to? don't tell me it has disappeared! is it because it has been too long since i cared to update my blog? is it because of that? can that actually happen? my gosh, what should i do now? i'll be very sad if it's gone forever!!!! sorry, sorry! i'm sorry, please come back!!!!!!!!!!