Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Years come and go...But today is a special day...
A double match
It happens only once in a lifetime. And it's my birthday~!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Super Good Mood

I'm in a very good mood because MY BIRTHDAY is coming soon!

I'm feeling extra happy this year, I don't know why.

I feel like celebrating with everyone, I feel like going for holidays, I feel like shopping!

I just bought myself a dress from Women's Secret because I feel like it.

And guess what? It's from the New Arrival rack! I don't do that! But I extremely like it, except that my ultra-extra-super big tummy can be shown a little. But I still like it! I'll wear it to the dinner with my cousin and sisters.

I'll be pretty!

I'm going to Genting on my birthday. Although it's not to celebrate my birthday, but I chose that day to take a break from work and go relax. (at Genting? pathetic...) Ching won't be joining us cause she FAILED ONE OF HER PAPER and has to sit for the supplementary paper!! What a loser... failed... *roll eyes*

Nevermind, Chyi is still going, I guess we will have fun. We can go lingerie shopping at Blush! It's very cheap there. We can go for our karaoke session. We can, we can, what else can we do up there?

Anyway, I'll have fun on my birthday! I want to!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Don't tell me I'm gonna loose my perfect eyesight soon! I can't!

I heard friends saying that once you hit 25, your perfect eyesight will remain (that is if you do have perfect eyesight lah) until you grow old and have to wear old people's specs. I'm somewhere there already mah! I can't loose it when I'm almost there~

I can't really see small wordings in a distance, I can't see the clock on the wall in front of the office clearly. . . I'm kinda worried. . .

I've always been proud of the fact that all 3 of my sisters need specs but I don't. Really, I don't wish to be one of them. =(

But to think of it again, I may look nice wearing specs. Then I can have another accessory to play with. . .

Oh, whatever!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Last year, when it was 5th of May, it was my mom's birthday, 050505. We bought pretty pretty flowers and a cake for her, I remember it was pretty fun and Yi- Shen together with Pen Hau was in Kota Bharu.

Today, it is 6th of June, which make today 060606, a day that will only happen once in a life time. And I am feeling extra happy because this is the month of my birthday! So I told myself, I must write something here, to remember this day. So that when I am old, I can look back and remember doing something today.

But, next year, there'll be 070707, then 080808, then 090909, and 101010, and the list goes on. And everyone will get excited over it, make it a big deal, get married, give birth... hahah! But it' not a bad thing, having something to celebrate of is always a nice thing to do. I never run out of love for celebrations, especially if you let me organize it! Hah!