Friday, April 22, 2005

last day at cyberjaya

My sister reminded me that this is the last day I'll be in Cyberjaya!! I totally forgot about it if it wasn't for her! Oh my gosh, I don't know what to say. After 4 years of living (far far away from everything and everywhere) in this (boring) place, how could I don't have any sad feelings leaving (waahaha!!)?

Well, I'm the kind of person who rarely have feelings for things without life. Eg. a house, a car, a place. When we're moving into a new house, I'm more than excited to do so; if I get myself a pair of new heels, I'm more than happy to forget 'bout the old pair!

Yeah, maybe some people will say I have cold blood running in me, but I can't help it!! Who won't be happy with new things, new environments, new everything? =D Well, there may be times where there are exceptions though...

So, everyone, I'll be gone from this place forever!!! At least for now... Gulp...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

going back

Before going back to my hometown for retirement-of-this-stage, my sis and I will be going to Johor Bharu for the weekend. I don't look forward to going to friends' hometown compared to having friends come over to mine. I don't know why, =D

When I know that someone will be going to pay me a visit, I'll think of where to bring them (although no where in Kota Bharu is nice), what to eat (this, I'm proud of it), and so on so forth.

So where should I bring them to? I'm not gonna bring them visit the Sleeping Buddha or places similiar... I find that boring... I want to bring them to the waterfalls!! But I don't know the way~~

Food~ Thai food, nasi kerabu, nasi kukus, nasi dagang... hahahah... I don't know lah... I'm just feeling bored now. Nothing much better to do! Not having deadlines to rush is actually not as good as I thought it would be. Now that I've got nothing to do everyday, I feel more tired!

Hmm... Well, since I'm leaving Cyberjaya this Friday, I guess I won't be able to post anything for a quite while. I'll miss my blog... However, I'll be back~~~

Monday, April 18, 2005


I plan to do some yoga when I get back home for I bought myself a copy of Yoga Zone flexibility and tone vcd recently. Have already planned to do yoga with my sis everyday... I'll wait and see how many days I can tahan!

It's holidays for me now, but I don't feel the excitement. My friends and I plan to go to Pulau Perhentian, but everyone can't seem to agree on a date. I'm tired of asking them again and again, so I've decided to forget bout the trip. If they really do wanna go, they'll let me know.

I really feel like going on a trip to Hatyai, Thailand laa... It's a nice place to eat and shop. Too bad Thailand is still in a dangerous situation for travelling now. Too bad...


Thursday, April 14, 2005


Finally, I've finished my university life! Am I happy 'bout it? I was, until a friend asked me why? Why be happy when sleeeping late and getting up later, skipping classes when we're lazy, spending money with no worries (the list goes on) is no longer at our disposal?

True, but what about getting to own your own money?


Is that all I think about? Oopss... Earning peanuts is nothing to shout about! Hmm... maybe I'm just excited because I'm bored! 5 years of uni life is more than enough for the time being. I'm sure after a few years of working, I'll have this same feeling once more. I'm a person that like changes! =D

So, I guess I am happy!


I'm such a last-minute-person!

There is not one time where I start my assignment early, and finish it days before the due date. Each and every time it's rushing last minute. Rush rush rush! The stress and the sleepless nights I create for myself! Oh God, how I wish to feel the comfort of finishing my assignments early... Never got to experience that~

Hahah! Fortunately, I always get to finish them on time... I always think to myself, if I had started earlier, the results I get will be much better for sure. =)

However... I, am I.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

what is wrong?

What is wrong with my posts? The symbols!!! I've tried changing the fonts... I don't know what i should do anymore... but I don't wanna leave it as it is now... it's ugly lah~ aiyoh... Someone tell me what to do!

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I want to write something here, but I can't think of what to write. hhmmpphh...

Should I talk about me wanting to do something 'bout my hair? Big curls... let it be the way it is now... Or, should I talk about the interviews that I’m looking forward (and not) to? Sunglasses I’ve always wanted to buy? Assignments that I'm dilly dallying? The new lifestyle that I long for? Arrghh !!

See what I mean, anyone?

Friday, April 01, 2005

the interesting thing

Hey! How could i forget about the earthquake?! The earthquake that was felt.

On 28th of March, slightly after midnight. It was an interesting experience for me. I actually didn't realise it was an earthquake; seeing that everyone was in a hurry going down by the stairs instead of the lift, I was still puzzled! What's happening??

Ok, I'm a bit on the slow side... but how can u blame me? I live in Malaysia!

I took my camera with me because I want to capture these rare moments. Who knows, I might get to shoot a very valuable piece? However, that did not happen.

There were policemen; even the fire brigate was there. I've never seen such a huge spectacle before; it was like Fish Leong's Meet the Fans session~!

To cut a long story short, it was just an extraordinary experience for us Malaysians.