Monday, November 07, 2005

My Party

How did the party go? Anyone wondering? No one asked about it. Is it because I didn't invite you? Aww... come on... =D If i really did invite you, would you then say it's far to come? (errr... Who am I talking to ah? *roll eyes*)

Anyway, It turned out better than what I expected. We combined the colleagues and friends party because many of our friends were not free to attend. Some had to work outstation, some had other appointments, some just couldn't be bothered to come! hehehe, kidding. I think there were around 30 guests but it seemed like a pretty large crowd in our small living room!

We had different kinds of food, from chinese to italian. We had dessert too! Frozen jellies, ice-cream, and lots more. Alchohol... of course... if you are attending a party that involves Yi-Shen, be rest assured that there'll be alchohol...Red and white wine, beer, liquor... yeah... and he did get drunk. (don't be angry at me for gossiping about you yeah Yi-Shen! =P)

We didn't get to take as many pictures as I normally would, firstly because the camera's battery was flat in the middle of the party, and secondly, I was too busy entertaining! hehe... I did see that some friends did not really enjoyed but I don't blame them, our house has only 6 chairs, there wasn't much for them to see or do...

Well, I'm just greatful that the crowd did not leave too early. The cleaning up wasn't that difficult. We managed to finish cleaning up before going to bed. I would say that I enjoyed the party, and hope to have another one soon!! This time, if you'd like to come, let me know! =* And don't say it's too far to come! (hahaha! Yeah I'm nuts!!)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Post A Comment

I always wonder, why don't my readers leave comments in my blog?

I see the amount of readers on the counter, I feel happy; but it makes me doubt that the readers really read my blog, or is someone playing a prank on me?

I don't have any idea who are my readers! Are they my friends? My enemies?

I really like reading comments on my blog. Then I'll know what you guys think, and help me to improve too.

So next time, please leave a note lah, make me happier mar... write your name too ok? =*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Housewarming PARTY!!!

Yay! We're gonna have a housewarming party at our house! And, it's not gonna be one party, but two!~~ One for colleagues and the other for friends! Woohoo~

Parties, I love parties!

My mum said that housewarming parties are for people who has bought a house of their own and has shifted in, then they hold a housewarming party. But I love parties!! I have to have one! My birthday is way over, Yi-Shen's birthday is way way longer ago; Christmas, is still so far away, I've left with no choice! Furthermore, I want the yang energy in the house mah... haiyoh...

Please bare with me for updating so seldomly, and not uploading the pictures that I've promised.

Meanwhile, I have my guest list with me, and some contacts to do!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

hey dear beloved readers of mine, =D i currently do not have internet connection here in my new house. so sadly, i won't be able to blog at the time being. do not forget about me, i'll be back. continue loving me, =D

Friday, September 23, 2005


I always feel like forgiving them (only some of them) who has hurt me in the past. They who passed bad comments on me, they who made me angry, they who quarreled with me, they who were somewhat cruel. Of course, they are the ones who have not really hurt me deep deep down that I won't be able to forget and forgive; or maybe I can and will, after 10 years or more.

Of course, it takes time. After some time, when I've forgotten how angry I felt, I feel like being friends with they who mistreated me. I don't understand why.

Maybe it's simple, need no explainations. Forgive = friends, no?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Somerset Bay Denim Jacket!!!

Can you feel the excitement by reading the TITLE of this post?

Recently, I saw a cropped denim jacket at Somerset Bay and instantly fell in love with it! It has some brown coloured crouchet on the collar and at the end of the sleeves and it just fitted perfectly on me!

I really wanted it! And now I've got it! =D

However, the process of getting it was a complicated one. I went to every franchise (except the one in Amcorp Mall and other states' ) and failed in getting the oh-so-beautiful jacket. Out of stock la, no sizes la, out of stock la, button got only 4 when there's supposed to be 5 la... Should have bought it the day I spotted it! Irritated!!

I couldn't wait no more!

So, there's still the Amcorp Mall franchise what, says Chung Yi-Shen. If not, Johor's lor, can ask Mrs. Chung to buy mar.

Yeah, Amcorp Mall, like they'll have when they know I so want it. Sure they'll say out of stock la, no sizes la, out of stock la, button got only 4 la... I hate it.

Heheh, actually, the one I'm wearing NOW, was bought from Amcorp Mall la! =D Yi-Shen went to that mall just to buy my this jacket! Woohoo~ Yeah, nice boyfriend you may say, but he has his imperfectness you won't be able to stand too. Whoops.

I'm happy that I have this perfect jacket now. At least, that was what I think when I so wanted to buy it and so couldn't get to. And yeah, of course I've found flaws in it now that I already have it.

*would love to show you the picture of it but do not have a camera now.


Yay! I'm going to a concert!

Fish Leong's concert! I am so excited!

Going to her concert has been what I wanted since long ago. I personally love her songs, that's why besides concerts of Andy Lau, she is the only singer that I'd want to spend money on.

Furthermore, I'm well versed with 90% of her songs. It's only her latest album that I am unfamiliar with. =/

I went to CD RAMA for the tickets, paid RM420 and got the three tickets for us. (Yi-Shen & Ching) Actually, my mum and Chyi wanted to attend the concert as well, but for Cher Chyi, it's because she has not been saving up; my mum, she's in Kelantan, so it's kinds impractical to come all the way for 2 days just for the concert. It's not that my mum is a very great fan of Fish Leong's. =>

So, the big day would be on the 1st of October, will try to smuggle a camera in.

Huh? Do I hear someone asking why would I do something forbidden? Because, to show you the pictures marr!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Feng Shui

Lately, I've been working on a feng shui production. This would be the second season of the show, last year was the first. I started had interest in feng shui then, reading the many books of the famous Lillian Too.

What is my kua number, which is my best directions, the poison arrows everywhere, what amulets bring what kinda benefits to me, etc etc. I was and still am very interested in all these things!

You'll be amazed by what you read in the books saying that how feng shui works wonders! Would you believe that by merely wearing amulets everywhere you go can be a form of protection and that they can actually enhance your life? Do you believe that these symbols do have their strange powers? I do!

Ok, now it seems like I'm helping Lillian Too promote. Anyway...

For example, if what you want is love, the double happiness symbol is one of your options among so many feng shui symbols! For me, it's always money! =D so i have the three coins amulet in my wallet, my mum's, dad's, sis's, yi-shen's... I'm not a selfish person, I want everyone to have what I feel is good!

The symbol that I like most are the Mystic Knots. (below) It is said to symbolize long life unaffected by setback and is for continuous good fortune! How great is that? heheh..

Which do you like?

Now that we're moving, I already have a list of things to buy for feng shui's sake. I'm gonna activate my wealth corner, enhance my career luck and the list goes on! I'm so excited! I've even checked the chinese almanac calender on dates that's good for moving. I will definitely not move on a bad-for-moving-day! I will not take the chance! =D

I know, many people only find feng shui superstitious. But, if you have a chance to read about it, it's actually Chinese metaphysics, A word which I don't understand, and it's also secular* (meaning from dictionary = Not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body).

* : I didn't know which word to use therefore seeked help from Yi-Shen, and as always, he gives me words that I've not heard of. And thus, had to search for meaning from dictionary, but still feel it's too complicated. Hence,

I decide to say, it's not related to religion!!

Anyway, I'm thinking, if feng shui can make Lillian Too that rich, it can for everyone too! The only problem is, we'll need some extra cash first to buy the amulets la, crystals la, whatever la to activate all the corners that we want to benefit from!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oh com'on, being vain is okay...

This afternoon, I ignored Yi-Shen and was painting my toenails while watching VCD (one after another) when I heard noises coming from the direction of our toilet. Yi-Shen was being busy bathing and all; he went in and out of it after his bath (I could see from the side of my eyes) and continued being busy.

When I decided to turn my head and see what is the hassle all about, I saw a GREEN FACE.

Why? Because, the green thing was my face masque! Yes, he was having a home session facial.

I laughed, "Why are you so aimei?! Even I don't bother to do facials!"

He said nothing, came over, and typed this:

"I am never vain... I am too bored therefore I have to find something to do... can't talk with the mask on you know..."
Hahaha!! Didn't even want to talk fearing that he'll ruin the effect of his mask. Very well then...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I feel like

I feel like:

buying beautiful bowls and mugs


preparing meals for Yi-Shen and me

being busy in the kitchen

having a party at home and have friends buying me presents!!! ahahaha!!

Finally, someone will have to wash the dishes for me because that is what I would never feel like doing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

hamsap uncles

phew weet~ lenglui!


Qu na li ah?

You kong ma?

I tell you! It's normal, understandable and acceptable that young punks go whistling and making fun at us girls, but what about them who are uncles?? Uncles who most probably are people's husbands, someone's father, or grandfathers-to-be? Gosh...

Often, I find males above the age of 40 are the ones that STARES! There he is, holding his daughter's hand, evaluating me from head to toe. There he is, walking with his wife, having his eyes on my boobs. There he is, waiting for the LRT, looking down at me sitting to make sure if my panties can't be seen (if not he will be very sorry for himself if he had missed the chance).

Tolonglah, stop being so horny cannot mer?

There was once where I was walking to the LRT station, an uncle was driving his car towards my direction. For god's sake, he wound down his window while passing and asked me where am I going! I felt so disgusted. They're certainly not young anymore, why do they still want to do these kinda things? Their days of so-called flirting with girls are long gone, don't they realise that? What are they actually thinking when they do all those disgusting and sickening things??

Don't they have something better to do?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our Bukit Tinggi Trip

Yesterday (Correction- About a month ago; Reason: I dilly-dallied and therefore this entry is late by so many weeks.) was me and Yi-Shen's first anniversary as couples. He kinda surprised me by taking me to Bukit Tinggi for a night stay. It was certainly an enjoyable trip for us, the room had a big balcony which I kinda liked.

He brought along both his SLR and video camera and I was incharge of the video cam. So, having to remind him again and again not to take candid shots of me...

Alright, very luckily, these 2 turned out good. I like them alot. There are a few that's not nice. but I've decided not to show them here coz it'll be a waste of space. And, no one would be interested anyway.

It was only 2 of us, he had the camera, so obviously I'm in 90% of the pictures. =D Which is what I like! ahah~ This black swan here is a must-take-photo-with when you are at Bukit Tinggi. Whenever someone says they've been to Bukit Tinggi, you'll definitely get to see this picture of theirs!

This is a place called Japanese Tea Garden. It had a very relaxing atmosphere, with a pathway for you to walk on. We enjoyed it very much! But to get there, we had to walk up a very stiff hill. Boy that was tiring! We saw a car pass by us half hill!! We did not know that we could actually drive up. However, it was rather nice walking up, can paktoh mah... hahah!

Look at these fat fishes! It was beautiful! Plus, it was very nice seeing them practically fighting for their food, trying hard to eat more. By the way, in the pond where the well-known black beauties lived, there were delicious looking fat fishes as well. And they were swimming in a big circle, going round and round and round and round. Does anyone here knows why? Is it because it was going to rain? kakaka...

You know 'bout taking photos on your own? With digital cameras that are so small and light nowadays, it's rather easy and common to take a snap shot of your own. BUT, what 'bout taking it with a heavy SLR analogue cam? heheh... I don't think everyone is capable of doing that! But I can!! Haiya, only 2 of us went, so it was troublesome to ask people around to help take a picture of both of us. So, I wanted to try taking it on my own, and succeeded. Although it's a bit blurred la... but still acceptable lah.

To conclude, I enjoyed myself very much.

Friday, August 19, 2005


This is a very nice dress. I really like it alot.

I'm always attracted to blouses and dresses that's very "English-ie". Yesterday, when I went shopping, I saw several blouses that is so English! But all of them were new arrivals. Too bad... They are really nice, but I am sure many out there will not agree with me. Girls nowadays do not have the same good taste as me. =D

Somerset Bay for example, is where I go wah, wah, wah. Beside Ching and my best friend Szee, almost every other girls and guys says yeeyerrhh to what we say wah. Seriously!

Anyway, back to shopping. I certainly had to stop myself from buying any of the blouses I found nice! You wanna know why? Because I can't bare the thought of seeing it on offer the next time I shop. And when I say next time here, I don't mean after 2 months' next time! I mean 2 weeks! 2 miserouble weeks.

This had happened to me quite a few times and I can tell you, the feeling is not nice at all.

Take yesterday, whenI saw the signs SALE SALE SALE in Topshop, I said to myself, " don't let me find that the bag Yi-Shen just bought for is on now on sale! I've not even started using it ok?" And guess what? Yeah, you've certainly guessed right, it is!!!!!!!!! 30% eh!

Sigh... Can you understand my feelings? Why does this has to happen to me all the time la?


Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Convo Journey 3

In our hotel room, where 3 of us sisters shared, we did all sort of things. We had massage sessions, facial sessions, and other confidential sessions as well. Then, when Ching and Chyi were watching the video we took from the video camera, an idea came to my mind.

Pretend to laugh at something funny.

work on it, Chyi.

Ok, then it got really funny.


Then, the BIG day. =D

I don't wanna look round-face la...

Okla, wear for you la...

Taken before going into the hall.

This bouquet of flowers was given by Yi-Shen's Mum. How sweet of her! His brother bought me a graduate bear too. Present from Yi-Shen? Don't have.

The bear with a lollipop (Yi-Shen's present from Ching).

This is a picture taken before leaving the hall. Notice that it is elongated. I had to! My face is way too round in it. But after doing so, Chyi and L's faces seems too long. I don't care!!

Maybe you'll notice that I did not take any pictures with my friends at my convocation. So if you did notice, here's the sad part of my story.

Right after the ceremony, when people started taking group shots with friends, my Dad announced that we should leave the place and go get our family photo taken. I was disappointed a lil' then, fearing that my friends would take their pics without me. But, we still had to leave. My family will have to leave Malacca pretty soon because to go back takes another 7-8 hours drive. So I understand.

After taking our family photo, my dad was getting impatient (whole morning haven't had anything to eat, long wait, hot weather, traffic jam, have to drive long hours, have to check out of hotel, etc.) and started being very moody.

He threw his tantrum when fetching me back to the hall. I got very sad and cried terribly after gotten down from the car because my mum said sorry for what've happened.

I couldn't care that people was staring, I was a graduate in her robe crying with non-waterproof mascara, pulling her luggage under the hot sun, walking pass every other happy graduates with their proud parents, trying to call Yi-Shen with a phone that so happened failed on her! Plus, Yi-Shen had just left the hall and was heading to their hotel rooms already! Fuck or not?

I couldn't stop my tears and I had only 1 piece of tissue paper left. Damn I tell you, real damn.

No one would understand my feelings then!

No one!!!

To cut the story short, Yi-Shen turned around and picked me up from that miserable place.

Convocation...... What a disappointing one for me. I couldn't understand why my Dad had to be so angry over things. Did he really have to shout at us that way, especially to my Mum? I'd feel better if he only shouted at us. It was no one's fault, none of us, including him. No one did anything wrong that day, why did it had to end that way?

Well, when friends want to have a look at my convo photos, I have none.

In conclusion, my convocation was not an occasion I have happy memories of.

P/S : My Dad sent me 2 sms saying that he is sorry for what had happened. None of us would have expected that from him! So I have forgiven him, and really hope that our family can be a happy and loving one. But, I still feel a loss in me for not having the chance to take those pictures.

-End of Convo-

The Convo Journey 2

This is a picture of myself that I find nice. Yes, I do have thick skin.


Dad fetched us from Kuala Terengganu bus station and from there we headed to Genting. The journey was rather uncomfortable because 4 of us had to "sardin" ourselves in the back seats of a humble WAJA. Furthermore, it took us not less than 5 hours to arrive the Skyway station where Li and I took the cable car up to the top of the hill.

She was very excited about it.

See, so young also wanna put on make-up. Look old la sister... =D

Genting is always fun for me; I like the weather there and, BLUSH! in Genting is always on great sale! I got myself a very very nice black nightgown this trip! Everyone will surely fall in one with it, what's more if I'm the one wearing? Hahah!! Kidding la ok...

Feel like showing the nightgown to you here, but I think I better not. Just in case my mum visits my blog... It's sexy ok? Heheheh...

Instead, I'll show everyone her orchid that she's very proud of! First time flowering mar...

We always have Dim Sum for breakfast at Genting. And after breakfast, dad goes to the Casino and we, continue shopping.

Yoh, her eyes!!!

She insisted that I put her this particular picture here. "It's pretty", she claims.

Victor Yong said I am pretty.


Time to leave for Malacca! Thus, another 2 hours of "sardining".


I got to meet my Uni friends almost anywhere we go. Malacca is a small town, everyone whose graduating was there for the weekend.

For 2 days there, all we did was eat, eat, eat.

This belongs to a shop at Jonker's Street, which so happen shared the same name as my secondary school good friend.

*I can't seem to continue adding images here. So I'll have a Journey 3. Sorry~

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Convo Journey 1

Oh! Everyone's kinda excited over the fact that we're going for a family vacation! Or sort of la.. So a day before departing, all of us went to the hair and nail salon to pamper ourselves.

Have to look as pretty as possible marr... We're gonna take a family photo erh...

So, while the rest had their nails done, Ching and I went to the hair salon first.

I was steaming my hair when she had hers washed. "Can't wash my hair on my own coz my arm hurts (bitten by Ginger, remember?)", she claims. Okay~~

I had my hair blown straight! I miss straight hair (when I have curls!!!), and vice versa.

Straight or curly lah??

Having to wait for my turn, I left and went to get my other chores done. 4 of us doing lar, long Q~

Chyi's, with a 3d ribbon on each hand.


Ching's. There's actually a 3d football on one of her thumb, but you can't see it in this picture. Or anyone of you out there can't see that her nails are of footballs? Gosh....

Finally, this is mine!! =D

All hands together! You may notice there's one un-manicured hand which belongs to my youngest sis, Cher Li. =D Too young cannot do yet!


Ma : "Well, who's going to do the housework and packing now??"

Me : "Har? Not me la... Can't zip the bags la, will ruin my nails!"

Sis : "Yeah la, aiyoh how arh?"

Anyway, we managed to have our luggages packed and this picture here was taken on the bus to Kuala terengganu to meet our dad.

-End of Part One-

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Durian Eating Session

Now, how do I start?

Let's just say, there was one night at Kota Bharu, my mum brought 4 of us (sisters) to search for durians as it's durian season now. We stopped opposite of a stall and waited in the car while my Mum and Ching went over and chose for nice durians.

In the car, Chyi and I was glinting to see clearly at the faded marker ink on a weather-beaten cardboard. The 50sen was very clear... Only the other words weren't. Chyi even shouted across to my Mum, wanting to ask her the price! Well, we gave up at last! It's too bad that we didn't bring the camera out or else we could have taken a photo of the sign board.

At last, both of them carried 2 bags of fruits back to the car. There were 9 fruits all in and guess what? It only cost RM4 as the price was 50sen sekilo!!

9 durians for 5 of us!

Mum is the durian-opening-sifu

So is Chyi la... Here she is, trying to open one very very small durian side to see whether there's any durian flesh in it.

Oh, yes there is!!

(A very ugly picture)

Yes, I use spoon to eat my durians... So does my sisters now, coz they are 'gen pi cong's.

Actually, there was 6 of us eating the durians! I miscounted this one here!!

Ginger : "Mmm.... nice~ ruff!"


Well, eating durian was happy. But later that night, Ching was bitten by Ginger!! Bad dog!!! He is crazy at night, we don't know why. All of us had been bitten by him, but not this bad!

See, she's crying. From the way she cried, I can see that it really hurt.

Ching : " Why? Why did you have to bite me? I sayang you you bite me in return? I hate you! I don't sayang you anymore!!"

These are the 2 big bites from our stupid ungrateful dog. Can you see the C-row of small ones right above this 2 bog ones? There are another 2 big ones on the lower part of her arm.

I took her to our General Hospital only next morning. (Luckily she survived the night and didn't turn crazy! But we did think that she could no longer turn any crazier for she is already always crazy!! fuh~)

What??? Only RM1??? OMG! I couldn't believe it! Why so cheap??


.... plus medicine somemore??? ...faint...