Friday, April 24, 2009

Smoke is in the air

While I was sitting in a mamak, waiting for Yi-Shen to come fetch me, I started looking around because my glass of Teh-O-Ais kurang manis was still too manis for my liking.

A very smelly odour 一阵阵的飘过来.. Guess what? It's the smell of the ever so polite cigarettes butts! They are smellier than second hand smoke, but I'm not saying that second hand smoke are nicer to smell ok?

Bugger... I don't like dirtying my hands to move it to the other tables.. and this particular one looks especially filthy! Second hand smoke is killing us!!!
It's everywhere, like I said in my previous post.... which reminds me of a fugly man today at the coffee shop! He was sitting behind me, like 5cm away, and suddenly a big puff of smoke were blewn to me (coz the wind was towards our direction)!!!!!! My goodness, how can he do that? Sit outside cannot meh? Must he sit so inside of the shop and kill us all??! Stupid assss.....


Monday, April 13, 2009

F1 Grand Prix

Not a fan of F1, but our friend had free tickets for us so we just went ahead with it.

It is very rare that all 4 of us housemates (Yi-Shen, Cher Li, Pen Hau and me) agree to go somewhere together, Pen Hau seldom wants to join us for anything.. He has always got many dates wan mah..

So off we go after changing into something more F1, which I don't have coz girls that go to F1 normally wear sexy with style, big sunnies, hair tied back, bla bla bla..

Pen Hau is a PEROfessional photographer already nowadays, he gets freelance jobs wann you know? So give him a ring if you want cheap but nice (uek) photography k?

It was so damn jam on the way to Sepang, we couldn't understand why.. Pity those who were on their way to catch an Air Asia flight.. together-gether jam with us.

Tak sempat make up coz it was really last minute..

It took us about 2 hours and we finally parked our car (luckily not far from where everyone who parked illegal had to start walking). We started our exercise of the day, so very far leh we walked!

This is the start of the walk which is slightly uphill, can you see how never ending the road seemed? Hehe.. We could hear the engines of the F1 cars roaring already, so we walked faster as it was getting quite late. Wouldn't want to miss the race..

Faster faster faster! It's drizzling already...

And finally, this is (part of) the F1 circuit, the walk from the entrance to where our seat was was also extremely far, and by the time we sat down, it was no longer drizzling, it was raining. Heavily.

After 10 minutes, one race car skidded because the road was too slippery.. and the red flag was flagged, so all cars stopped.

So potong steam, they had to wait and see whether the rain stopped.

A few pictures taken by Pen Hau, look at Yi-Shen's mouth..

The race didn't continue in the end, and we had to walk back to our car.. same ol journey.. goodness...

p/s: i just realised i didn't mention who won, but i guess everyone who listens to/ reads news knows already.. anyway it's Jenson Button la....

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Awesome Bangkok

Heavy shopping (pun intended)
Sweat rolled down our crossed legs in Chatuchak
Super affordable massage sessions
Extreme haggling with taxi/ tuk-tuk drivers
Laughed and had fun being together

We did all of the above except for the last two, which was only done by Ching and Chyi. =D Pity them especially Ching as there was one day she felt so awful but insist that she was okay and kept walking the mall with us.

How not to feel sick lah, catching grasshopers as they hop hop hop and into their mouth the grasshopers go.. Duh.. they asked one of the road side stall to fry it first la! YEEEE!!!!

Yeah that was a joke, but we strongly suspect this was the stall that made her so sick.. She ordered somtam and saw mushrooms and pointed that too, thinking that the lady will also somtam the mushrooms, you know? In the end the mushrooms wasn't prepared the way we expected, instead was cooked in some green soup which looked & smelled weird. But you know Ching, she tried the thing and regretted the next day.

This is the view walking out of the hotel, the tall building is Baiyoke. There are a few massage places (150THB for foot massage, very cheap, i know!), a 7-Eleven, a few stalls selling not so appetizing food, and as you walk to Platinum mall in the morning (which takes about 15 minutes I guess), there are many shops along the way.

This is Ecotel, a 1 year old hotel with Full Comfort at Budget Prices as it's tagline. Frankly we were quite disappointed at how the hotel looked like compared to photos on the internet, but no doubt we were lucky as it is clean and new, and they do change your bedsheets and towels everyday.

We arrived at midnight on our first night, the receptionists aren't too friendly and they all have a non-negotiable attitude. Why do i say so is because we were going to stay for 5 nights and we asked for a minimal discount on the extra bed (which is THB500 per night) as we are already paying for 2 rooms, but even the manager insisted that the answer was NO.

It may be their hotel's policy, but as a manager, I believe you can be a wee bit flexible, we would be very happy even if she agrees to give us a 100THB discount! But all we got was NONONONONO.

The building of Ecotel, still under renovation. I guess it'll be a bigger hotel when it is fully renovated.

Ramada Hotel, opposite our hotel.

And next to it is Bangkok Palace Hotel, should be very expensive, I donno.

Shopping is pretty cheap when you do it at Bangkok, but if you prefer branded stuffs you can head to Siam Paragon or MBK for medium priced goods. We like Platinum!

It would feel weird to not go to Chatuchak when you're at Bangkok, so we went on Saturday. It was omg-so-very-extremely hot you have to not think of the heat then you'll feel cooler. Sweat rolled down from my arms where i wore a bangle, imagine.

Are they Pomeranians? The dogs, not the girls, haha! Can't remember.. but they are cute hor.. I didn't touch them though.. scared they are dirty mah. The owners just bought them from the market, how clean can they be? Anyway, clever not me hide behind Ching? =D

Bangles!!! My current fave! One thing i realise about Bangkok is the clothes are darn cheap, the shoes can be too, but the accessories are not cheap! Sien...

A ride on Tuk-tuk is like one on a roller coaster, only this you have higher chance of dying. =_=

We didn't really eat like the previous trips this time, just couldn't find real tasty food that makes us go crazy. Li and I miss the noodles at Silom, slurp!! We didn't have time to go there though; in fact we didn't even had enough time to go to Siam area. Only managed to drop by MBK for less than 2 hours and the shops all started to close at 9pm. Why do they close so early? Bangkok is a tourist city, they should open their shops until at least 11pm what!

If you haven't read from Chyi or Li’s blog, we did hair extensions!

Which is awesome!

Except that it's so difficult to wash our hair now lor, sien. I love to give my head a good scratch/scrub when I wash my hair, I get super pissed when I go to the salon and the hairwash guy/girl wash my hair as if they haven't been eating!!

So I've always wanted super long hair, it looks sexier.. Although my hair is already long, but I want it to be longer, like long enough to cover my ne-ne when I put my hair infront. Yeah you get the idea..

This is me before getting extensions, no make up, only drew my brows, which was a bit tooo dark, which makes me look like crayon sin chan.

Then, see me after my hair which came with a-weird-smell-and-it-still-smells-abit-now-after-so-many-washes grew longer.

Don't say "there's no difference", I'll kill you!

Chyi after extensions.

Li and her he-dresser after extensions.

Mum's the greatest of the greatest! She waited for us patiently for so many hours while we were putting on someone else's hair onto our head! After many many hours she finally decided to have her nails drawn, it's so cheap to get beautify there my goodness.. Mum's not so used to pay for manicures, so she wanted to jaga it properly. And after roughly an hour, she still held her fingers stiff, like how we do when our nails are still wet and we don't want it to get scratched!

This basically sums up our trip to Thailand, the land of smiles where local people like to ask you where you're from, and when you answer them, they'll straight away say "Welcome to Thailand!". I should try saying I'm from Bangkok the next time they ask, see if they process it fast enough to realise before saying that. ;)

p/s: if you are thinking why are my pictures all weird, it's because i editted them that way la okay? look properly, it's an effect.. *sulk*

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Snatch thief

When I was in Bangkok, Yi-Shen's handphone was snatched when he was talking on the phone while walking beside the road in front of his office in Ara Damansara! What a long sentence, I know.

All of you out there must be extra carefull and don't think that it's not easy to snatch your handphone or whatever okay, the thiefs are so expert in what they are doing I'm telling you. What happened to Yi-Shen was this guy (alone on his bike) gave a push on Yi-Shen's arm and POOF! there goes your handphone! Yeah, it is like magic coz there you are, holding onto your phone, but the experts can easily grap them from you and you can say bye to your however-expensive-it-can-be phone.

Found a video on you tube on mobile snatching. click to watch

Sigh.. Have to spend money on a new phone already lorh, but apparently, someone is rather excited to be able to get a new phone.

Go figure.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sawasdee ka

Guess what y'all? I'm going to Bangkok, again!

This time, all of us sisters are going with my mum.. 5 girls shopping, can you imagine? We're so excited! We'll be flying this Thursday night, Ching's going to fly from Singapore and meet us there. This time the hotel we'll stay is Ecotel, it's in the city. Hopefully we'll like the place.. and hopefully it's convenient for us to go about..

Renew passport - check
Shopping list - check
comfy crocs - check
Super big empty luggage bag - check
Enough Thai Bahts - err.. check

See you and yeah we'll enjoy our superb-delicious-yummy-omg-ilove Thai food and shopping!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Car accident


It was out of my control, I wanted it to stop but it didn't. It continued sliding, and banged like a bumper car.

Yeah, it was drizzling last night, I was driving Yi-Shen's car, he was sitting on the passenger's seat, Li was sitting at the back and we were heading home after dinner. I made a turn and lost concentration on the cars in front as I was looking at the rear view mirror; in a split of a second, it was too late to realize that the cars in front all braked.

I stepped on the braked but the car didn't stop at all, the road was too slippery. I had time to recall Yi-Shen talking about how the brake locks the car tyres when there's a sudden hard step on the brake, so I released and stepped on the brakes again, but sadly that didn't work too. Maybe it doesn't apply on straight roads.

So all of us watched me bang into the car in front, surprisingly, all was calm too. There was no shout let out by Li, no instructions or terperanjat-ness from Yi-Shen. Nothing special came out of me as well, but I felt my legs a bit soft when I walked out of the car lah.

In the end, the car that kena bang said it's ok (after like 10 minutes of inspecting his bumper, which didn't even had a scratch), so Yi-Shen took over and drove back.

This is the second time I damaged his front bumper after he fixed it and repainted it. =( The first time was when I was alone and reversed out of a parking space and got a scratched (a bad one) from the pillar.

This time, I got his car a crack, and the whole bumper dropped down a little. Sorry!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate smokers!

Why is it that smokers are generally selfish?

From the bottom of my heart, I hate (almost all of) them.

Have you walked in corridors, along the road, crossing the streets and smell smoke from the person in front of you who is smoking while walking? Have you being eating your lunch and smell smoke from the person in front of you who is smoking after his/her satisfying meal? They (the smokers) say, I quote: “饭后一支烟,快乐似神仙”; we say “要死你去死,我可不想死”!

Why? Why? Why can’t they be a little more considerate and smoke only at smoking rooms? If you can't find one, smoke somewhere behind the bushes where less people walk pass! Non smokers do not smoke because we don't want to, so what makes them think that we would want to inhale their second hand smoke?

I know it is a free world, but we being non smokers also have the right to tell you in your face that we do not enjoy smelling the nasty smell; so do not get offended when we do so, because you did not care if we are being offended while you huff and puff.

Every since I joined this current company, coughing is my second name.

Being in an office where 2 smoking managers (before this there were 6, go figure!) kill our lives slowly every day definitely makes me hate smokers more. Imagine the smell lah, we are in an air conditioned room, come on lah!

The recent cough I had was so terrible that I almost had asthma, I'm not coughing already but I'll start coughing whenever I attempt to laugh out loud (which is what I always do). Am I being deprived of laughing out loud, I asked Yi-Shen. I'm afraid coz this is the first time I cough so badly and it is also the first time I experience this laughing and cough thing.

To conclude, I just want to say that they really should not smoke in the office, be it in their room or whatever. Show some consideration!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We're engaged!

Yeah, like finally, we are engaged! =D

I've waited long enough for Yi-Shen to propose okay? Although we have already talked about everything else, the parents have met and talked about it too, the only thing missing was the proposal.


So it was yesterday, Valentine's day. As usual, we had a super normal day, woke up, watched TV, went to The Curve with Li to meet Chyi. Yi-Shen made reservations to have dinner at Royale Bintang, but since I got all sorts of hints* that there will not be any proposal, I didn't want to eat at the hotel in the end.

*reason for hints (i'm writing these down for memory's sake as my memory sucks):

1. At first I though there's a chance of proposal coz when I asked Yi-Shen where are we celebrating Vday he said "m.m" and what is m.m? It's 秘密.. So, Li and I discussed, he has never planned any big surprises for me for Vdays, so this must be it! He is so going to propose!

Then, a day before Vday, he told me he made reservations at Royale Bintang. Which, means he was bluffing when he said m.m to me! The actual fact is that he hadn't planned yet when I asked him.

ok, disappointed.

2. On the night before Vday, I went out with friends, Li was home with him. The next day, while having Vday cupcakes (Li's present, so chweeet norh?), Li told me that he talked to Yi-Shen when I was out, asked him whether he's gonna do it that night, and he said no no no.. proposing on Vday is so cliche bla bla bla... and totally made Li believed and angry that he is not proposing.

So Li asked me not to have any hopes for the night so that I won't be disappointed. =(

3. He totally didn't dress up, and he wanted to wear crocs to The Curve lor.. taoyan! If got plans sure dress up abit wan right? Blah.....

4. His pocket also don't have anything protruding~ If there's a ring, sure can see wan right? Blek!

5. He didn't act weird at all, coz normally when he has any surprises, I can sense it!

Okay, enough of hints!

So 5 of us had dinner, we were happy but Yi-Shen was abit quiet lah, but he's not always chatty when we're with my sis coz we talk talk talk, he got no chance to talk mah... then after dinner, we decided to all go to my house; suddenly, I felt unhappy. Coz I was thinking, eh why no present for me wan? *sulk*

Don't want to walk already lah, want to go back home! So we left The Curve.

On our way back, Yi-Shen made a turn against the way back home, I asked him where were we going and he said bring me somewhere. I didn't feel like it coz I was abit unhappy already mah.. so I mm choi kuei (ignored him).

In the end, he brought us to where we first started our courtship and he started talking about those days where he finished work (we were doing our industrial training then, so I stayed with my grand aunt) and came and look for me. Sometimes we went for his late dinner, sometimes we stayed in his ol betsy (his old Proton Iswara) and talked.

I giggled all the way coz I thought he is being pretty lame, bringing me there just to tell me all those. Then he handed me my camera, asked me to look at a few pictures that he took which was very pretty. I knew he was bluffing.. =D 我在想,他一定是拍了别样.. when I switched on the camera, it was something else! It was a slide show done by Yi-Shen, a proposal slide show, finished off with a self recorded 5 seconds proposal video, heeh..

The ring leh, you ask.. got lah.... next time only show you all kay?

In conclusion, I'm happy that Yi-Shen has proposed! And it's darn difficult to tell this story.