Saturday, April 29, 2006

Some Entertainment News

"What??? Married?!"

That was my reaction when Ching told me that one of my ex boyfriend has got married. It was like, wow, I can't believe it, I don't know why, I just can't.

Let me tell you some history of mine here as I guess he won't be one of my readers. Kakaka! Anyway, this ex boyfriend was disgusted by my dear mum because of certain issues; so in a way, she did not like the idea of me being friends with him after the break up (which is not what I do because I am someone who don't mind being friends with exes unless, unless they made me hate them, or they hate me).

You may say I am jealous or envious or whatever, but of him? I know I'm not, not in a million years! Hahaha! It was just a thing that got me thinking, why was I amazed? He is older than me indeed, so it is only normal to get married when you reach a certain age lah. Then why did I have the oh-i-can't-believe-he's-married feeling?

I think it is because the way he managed to have another girlfriend (as far as I know it is one lah) when we were together, the stories he told me about his exes, the things I saw when we were together, and the stories he told me after we broke up (and haven't found out about what he did that made my mum angry).

I don't think he is someone who will get married so soon, nor is he someone who will settle down with a girl so early. There must be a reason! Has he changed? Hah! Less likely...

It is his attitude and personality that left a very strong impression in me; I would want to think that he being he, it must be that he has got the girl pregnant, that's why. But it has been years way back that I got to know him, people do change, maybe.