Thursday, March 24, 2011

I still cry

It has been 6 months, and I still cry..

This is the job I wanted, the one I think is perfect coz I don't have to wake up early every weekday, the one that has only 2 off days weekly. It is the job that's not so boring, the job that pays better, the job that i want. 

Now I've got it, I've got the job. I even have 2 of my sisters with me, but the only thing, the big thing, missing, is my husband.

I cry every time we say goodbye. I sometimes also cry through the phone before flights. Why? This is what you wanted! 

Do I want to end this? What will I be? I don't, I want to fly and come home to you..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First annual leave

In 2 days' time, our whole family plus my grandma will be going to Taipei for my dad's birthday! It'll be my first annual leave taken and I'm very sure I'll feel as lousy as ever to come back to singapore after the break!

I'm sure we'll enjoy our trip a lot! With lots of talking and eating! Yi-Shen 没有去!