Monday, November 07, 2005

My Party

How did the party go? Anyone wondering? No one asked about it. Is it because I didn't invite you? Aww... come on... =D If i really did invite you, would you then say it's far to come? (errr... Who am I talking to ah? *roll eyes*)

Anyway, It turned out better than what I expected. We combined the colleagues and friends party because many of our friends were not free to attend. Some had to work outstation, some had other appointments, some just couldn't be bothered to come! hehehe, kidding. I think there were around 30 guests but it seemed like a pretty large crowd in our small living room!

We had different kinds of food, from chinese to italian. We had dessert too! Frozen jellies, ice-cream, and lots more. Alchohol... of course... if you are attending a party that involves Yi-Shen, be rest assured that there'll be alchohol...Red and white wine, beer, liquor... yeah... and he did get drunk. (don't be angry at me for gossiping about you yeah Yi-Shen! =P)

We didn't get to take as many pictures as I normally would, firstly because the camera's battery was flat in the middle of the party, and secondly, I was too busy entertaining! hehe... I did see that some friends did not really enjoyed but I don't blame them, our house has only 6 chairs, there wasn't much for them to see or do...

Well, I'm just greatful that the crowd did not leave too early. The cleaning up wasn't that difficult. We managed to finish cleaning up before going to bed. I would say that I enjoyed the party, and hope to have another one soon!! This time, if you'd like to come, let me know! =* And don't say it's too far to come! (hahaha! Yeah I'm nuts!!)

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