Monday, April 21, 2008

My Malaysian Dreamgirl Blog Entry

My bulu all stood up when Sazzy announced that Jay was out! Of course lah, she’s our university friend, so sure we want her to win this thing.. Fortunately, when Sazzy said she wanted to talk to Jay, I knew there must be something.

Ever since the beginning, I didn’t like Cindy! I’m damn scared that she will win this contest ‘coz I’ve checked out her blog and it is obvious that her dad super super loves her! I think she is very spoilt at home wan… she said that her dad loves her more than he loves her mum leh! Lately, Cindy seems to be less ostentatious and it seems the other girls can get along with her already. But I still don’t think she should win this ‘coz if she does, you can imagine how action she will be and more girls will hate her! Hahah!

Pity Ringo when it was her turn to talk about her experience at MalaysianDreamgirl and the Breakfast Show had to go to commercial! The other girls talked too much..

I do think Ringo is cute, but not too suitable for the modeling world. Her face is cute, but nothing else. As for the other contestants:

Hanis – she’s sweet and it’s nice listening to her talk, she’s got the height, but the lower part of her face is rather broad right?

Nadia – wah, she REALLY wants to win this man! She wants it so bad that I think she’ll cry till she goes blind if she gets eliminated!

Adeline – if she wins, she’ll be so like Amber Chia (if she does become oh-so-famous lah) - sampat, speaks broken English, and weird… I totally can’t forget the scene when she said “I like to eat SUSI” (meant to be sushi) in the audition! Waahahaha!

Ok, I have to stop criticizing!

Well, the only one that I feel should win is of course Jay, and it is not only because I know her, but seriously, look at her hot bod and face!

So check out MalaysianDreamgirl’s website and vote for JAY!

Type DREAM 07 and send to 33001

P/s: Kenny Sia is so fat! Heehehe…

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