Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ching and her moles

I would like to talk about my sister Rachel a.k.a Ching. She's well known for the moles on her face, everyone who knows her will mention her moles to her at least once, I guess.

Anyway, I had a chat with her last night. She saw the pictures I posted in my blog and we were discussing about those pictures. Suddenly, she sent me an e-mail which contains a same picture I posted. I opened it and saw that she has edited the picture. She (not the first time) removed her moles besides doing some things else. She then asked me whether I'd like to change the original posted picture to the one she editted. I said, "nah...lazy..."

Ok, main point: I wasn't surprised at what she did, but that just gave me an idea of blogging 'bout her. Here goes,

Which do you like?

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