Friday, June 16, 2006

Super Good Mood

I'm in a very good mood because MY BIRTHDAY is coming soon!

I'm feeling extra happy this year, I don't know why.

I feel like celebrating with everyone, I feel like going for holidays, I feel like shopping!

I just bought myself a dress from Women's Secret because I feel like it.

And guess what? It's from the New Arrival rack! I don't do that! But I extremely like it, except that my ultra-extra-super big tummy can be shown a little. But I still like it! I'll wear it to the dinner with my cousin and sisters.

I'll be pretty!

I'm going to Genting on my birthday. Although it's not to celebrate my birthday, but I chose that day to take a break from work and go relax. (at Genting? pathetic...) Ching won't be joining us cause she FAILED ONE OF HER PAPER and has to sit for the supplementary paper!! What a loser... failed... *roll eyes*

Nevermind, Chyi is still going, I guess we will have fun. We can go lingerie shopping at Blush! It's very cheap there. We can go for our karaoke session. We can, we can, what else can we do up there?

Anyway, I'll have fun on my birthday! I want to!


cwearn said...

hey,i din't know u have a blog.
Nice piece thou~.

keep up the "blog" ..i'll be checking in from time to time..

Ding...punch card
" cw was here at June16 5.32pm "


blogging frm

Anonymous said...

hey che.. i really do hope we will have tons of fun there.. but now i am quite worried about the classes.. u know i got cek mat eh.. and i am scared u know.. but i am really excited to go holiday together with u.. love u..

SheriCheryi said...

haiyoh... if you're really scared then go to class lor.. nvm wan eh chyi.. i got ys mah! so you decide yourself la whether you wanna go or not.. =)