Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Last year, when it was 5th of May, it was my mom's birthday, 050505. We bought pretty pretty flowers and a cake for her, I remember it was pretty fun and Yi- Shen together with Pen Hau was in Kota Bharu.

Today, it is 6th of June, which make today 060606, a day that will only happen once in a life time. And I am feeling extra happy because this is the month of my birthday! So I told myself, I must write something here, to remember this day. So that when I am old, I can look back and remember doing something today.

But, next year, there'll be 070707, then 080808, then 090909, and 101010, and the list goes on. And everyone will get excited over it, make it a big deal, get married, give birth... hahah! But it' not a bad thing, having something to celebrate of is always a nice thing to do. I never run out of love for celebrations, especially if you let me organize it! Hah!

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