Friday, July 21, 2006

What have I been up to lately?

Aye aye Capt'!

Lately, I have been very busy with an upcoming birthday party. The theme of the party is Pirates this time, and it's my boss' birthday.

Let me tell you how busy I am, okay?

Last month, I organized 2 themed parties in a row for their children, Fairies & Wizards for the daughter, and Pirates for the son.

The decorations...

Every gal got a pair of fairy wings when they arrived, and wizard hats for the boys.

too bad I was too busy and didn't manage to take a picture of the boys with their wizard hats. Two boys even came with their own hat and robe, which made them look like Harry Potter!

We had a Fairy's Nail Art Station for the fairies, of course.


Alexander is super cute, I just love him! Every girl will fall in love with him!

"I'm not naughty, I'm funny!" Can you believe that? I heard him telling one uncle at the party.

The cake was awesome! Ask me if you want the contacts of this lady who baked the cake, she bakes wonderful cakes!

Look! It even had something to surprise the kids! There were lotsa jelly beans underneath the castle roof!

Pinata! I was kinda excited over this because it was my first pinata… I mean, it wasn't for me, but it was a party I organized!

Sadly, no one got to break the pinata, it was a lousy pinata! So in the end, I tored the pinata into half! Although that shouldn't be the way, every kid was too busy with the goodies fallen down and couldn't be bothered that they weren't the one who broke the damned pinata!

The birthday girl and her giant Birthday card.

p/s: It took ages for me to upload the pictures! I'm feeling KINDA frustrated over it! I can only upload one picture at a time and it's irritating!!!


Now, the Pirate Birthday Bash.

This time, we had a pirate's tattoo station. This is a must because everyone knows that all pirates needs tattoos, right? hehe..

Not only the kids wanted tattoos, the mums chose the large ones! *roll eyes*

I had swords hanging on the ceiling, and pirate flags all around.

Swords made of balloons, which I think looks good. We actually had a pinata as well, but no pictures...... sorrrrrrwie~

Tell me this cake didn't impress you.

Look at him!

The pirates.

The cute one.

Again, you all must excuse me if the pictures aren't too interesting as it sounds. It is solely because I had so many things to do I totally didn't have the time to take nice pictures. Please have better imagination! =D Thanks.


Anonymous said...

che... u are really a good party planner..u wanna plan my party mah?? i wan eh really.. u have to plan d k? muaksss.. love ya

SheriCheryi said...

chyi ah? can... sure i can organize a party for you... but now got no time lah... gotta start working on alexander's party!!! u wanna work on that day? =D