Friday, July 21, 2006

my birthday

It has been more than a month ago that i celebrated my birthday at TGIF with my sisters, yi-shen, buiyi (my aunt) and my cousin. I did wear the dress i bought to the dinner. Well, the food sucks, but we did enjoy ourselves.

ching wore a dress too, a green new one. i won't show you her picture here coz i want to be the prettiest here in my blog. buiyi and faye did wore dresses as well, only chyi didn't coz she said she doesn't have one.

Not so nice but still gotta show coz there isn't many pictures that were nicely taken, thanks to yi-shen, '_'

the appetizers

chyi's steak

my lamb chop, which was so disappointing!

yi-shen had chicken, nando's is better than them.

i forgot what this was, but sure don't look good, nor taste good either.

faye's pasta

ching's pasta, i remember she said it was good.

showing you the rings i got.

i brought a lot of pirate's stuff there, and at the end of the party, we brought out the pirates in us! and took pictures...

someone's posing... =D

on another day, actually it's one day before my birthday, we went drinking in sri hartamas. didn't really enjoyed myself coz it was kinda boring. couldn't get drunk, that's why!

only chyi went with me, ching was too tired, she claimed... broke my heart.

yi-shen and 3 other friends went together but not gonna show the pictures lah, tiring.

(another story)

Ching went and perm her hair! she really has the courage, look what she's done.




heheh.... ok lah, show you a more recent pic.

by the way, the one standing beside ching is chyi. have they changed?

you'll have to go through this if you want to perm you hair like hers. they calculated, she had 180 curlers on her head.

but it's worth it lah, right?


(another nother story)

alicia, my closest cousin who has been in australia many many years already, came back recently. i managed to meet up with her only for 2 days. not enough time to really catch up, we took a couple of pictures in KLIA when yi-shen and i sent them there.

whoever knows my cousin will know that she has lost tons of weight! she is now skin wrap bone only ok! everyone can loose weight, only me is always put on never loose it! huak!

lastly, whole big family take photo lorh! When she left, everyone cried... (except the oh-so-macho guys). not to say i wanna be so emotional lah, but if you were there, you'd cry too!


i'll next tell you all about the big party i organized. it was awesome! heheh! actually , my job is not only organizing parties lah, i have to do a lot of other things too. like secretarial jobs lah, personal assistant's job lah, runner, waitress, cleaner.... hahha!!

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