Monday, June 09, 2008

My second trip to Bangkok

My recent trip to Bangkok was quite good. I did feel the loneliness when Carrot, Chuah and me first arrived the airport – they were two love birds and I’m all alone! Without Yi-Shen who was supposed to go with me... but only remembered that he has more important work commitments!

Our flight to Bangkok was delayed and we arrived at almost 3am Thai time, which is our 4am. The rest of the gang took an earlier flight. We took a taxi for 500B to the hotel I found online – Take A Nap. The pictures on their website looked good, and the rooms were quite cheap, so we thought why not. I booked their 7 pax dorm, intended for 4 of us lah. Manatau, when we arrived the room, Devon wasn't in the room!

After many calls, we found out that she checked into a double room. Went to look for her and after discussing, we decided that since it is already 4am, we will all pack in that room for the night and see how things go the next day. I slept on the floor, the comforter was my bed.

The next day, Dex convinced us to move to the normal hotel that he always stays coz apparently, e-ve-ry-thing is within reach there. A double room costs 1700B... sure la... (Dex is rich mah)..

The Palazzo's lobby

We had a look at the rooms at The Palazzo and found that the room is quite big, and most importantly, the bed is even bigger than a king sized bed. So we didn’t have to order an extra bed – save 500B per night.

But of course, when four adults sleep on one bed, don’t expect much room to turn here and there la! In fact, you can’t turn around lor.. but for all 4 nights there, we had no trouble sleeping as everyone is drop dead tired after all the shopping aka walking.

There's free breakfast for 2 every morning too, I went for it once only.. Sleep is much more important to me!

There's a 7 Eleven right opposite the hotel too, and they sell nice food like sandwiches, dim sum & sausages that you can grab for a quick bite

First Day
We went to Platinum Mall, which I didn't know about the last time I went with mum and Li. This is an air-conditioned shopping mall that sells wholesale fashion items. There are so many shops, but not too many till you can't finish shopping la.. It is very much more comfortable to shop here as it's not as packed and humid and can't-breathe as Chatuchak.

Here at Platinum Mall, you must at least buy 3 items from a shop then only you get wholesale price. If not, they will tell you a 1-piece price, which is always not (so) worth it.

First day 收获, not too much things bought

When you're at Bangkok, a 300B top is considered expensive! As things are already quite cheap, you don't have to haggle much here coz it is more or less like you are wasting time to shop for more things. Plus they very seldom will lower the price more here; at least that's what I think.

One of my favourite Thai dish - Pad Thai. I always add alot lime juice, chilli powder and vege!

and of course Tom Yam!!!

We had lunch at Carrefour's food court and dinner at Platinum's food court. I like their coconut shake!

By the way, Robinsons, Carrefour, Tesco are all bear our hotel. By near I mean at least 15 minutes walk to the nearest which is Carrefour. You can't walk to Tesco I think... never tried and didn't want to!

There's a midnight market nearby too in an area called Huay Kwang, also where the MRT station is. This midnight market is supposed to be for those who work at night. Like pole dancers, they finish work late mah, so all normal shops are closed by the time they finish work. We went to a salon at 12 midnight on our last night at Bangkok. I washed and curled my hair, the rest did mani and pedi. The shop closes at 5am.

Thai people are so lucky, they can get their nails drawn so nicely and it costs around 200B only!

We went to the famous Suan Lum night bazaar – total disappointment. Nothing much there lorr.. they have a very big area for food and there was a live band. We ate a little and walked around their shops a little and went back.

I think Dex did mention that booze are cheap there, maybe that's why it’s famous, I don’t know.

Second Day
Chatuchak weekend market

I insisted in bringing my luggage bag with rollers with me coz I know I won't regret doing so! Indeed it was a very wise choice. You buy so many things and have to carry them all + walk so much. I've experienced it the last time and I've learnt my lesson.

I finally tried their noodles in pink soup – called yen ta foo if I remember correctly. Taste normal nia..

Thai Jack Sparrow, which i think did a good job imitating

Yummy Ovaltine drink - sold at only 10bht!

I didn't buy much at Chatuchak this time, don't know why. I actually didn't buy any clothing for myself here.. so disappointing.. Bought things like clutches, belts, floor mats, and colourful weaved baskets.

Some random photos we took on their MRT

See me in the picture?

Huai Khwang is the station near our hotel

We had dinner at Som Bon, a restaurant filled with Japanese. Apparently Japan's PM likes the restaurant and they had pictures of him visiting the restaurant. I won't show the pictures of food we had there, coz there's nothing to shout about really.

After a whole day of walking, this is the DIY foot spa I had in the room - apply Counter Pain on your legs, put your legs up for at least 10 minutes

Third Day
MBK area

Bought 2 pairs of jeans and guess what? They are skinny jeans! Hehe... surprisingly they look good la okay? After MBK we went to Siam Paragon which was totally boring! Things are so expensive there. Bought a Wacoal bra though.. won't tell you the size but Yi-Shen said my boobs aren't that big and the bra don’t fit. What does he know about bras? Hergh! Like very expert lidat...

At night, Devon and me followed Dex to experience Thai Clubbing. We sat at their open aired area coz they wanted to smoke, the place was so normal that our friend fell asleep for so long!! Haha!

Entrance to the club, very tight security. They actually checked on everyone's identification (for us it's our passport) upon entering. And I got the security to smile for me to take his picture, but it's too blurred to show you guys here.

Fourth Day
Pratunam, Platinum Mall again, and Carrefour

Pratunam is opposite Platinum but it has no air-cond. Things here is super-duper cheap! But all cannot try yeah.

We left Pratunam very fast and went to Platinum coz Dex gets impatient very fast so most of the time he goes back first. Or go to more expensive places =D

Dinner at Oishi was so normal. Jap food in Thailand, what do you expect?

Last Day
Before leaving for the airport, we had time to go to Robinsons for lunch and last minute shopping. Lunch at Yum Suup – food was served very fast and taste good too.

We actually planned to go to The Grand Palace geh.. but no one managed to wake up this morning coz we slept at 4 something the night before.

Bangkok Airport

My luggage weighed an extra kilo but luckily I wasn't fined.

So overall, I enjoyed my trip. It would be even more enjoyable if YS, my mum or my sis went together.

Felt that I didn’t buy that many things after unpacking. =D but I spent all my money brought there!

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