Thursday, June 19, 2008

work sucks

At least for now!

Well.. I didn't win the Nuffnang game, but it's ok.. I'm sure the dinner wasn't that great *sourgrapes* Hehe.. I'll try their other contests, keep trying and trying and I'll surely win one day!

I've been feeling rather lost and depressed lately.. lost the directions of my life, depressed for feeling lost. I no longer feel motivated to work already. Over and over again, the company has made empty promises to us. They said we should wait till June when we did not receive any yearly bonus or increment beginning of this year. They said they're working on some incentive plan for us after that. Now come July, what other excuses will they give?

I see more and more colleagues leave the company. Many people ask why don't we leave too? What's there to hold on to when a company doesn't appreciate their staffs? I do not have an answer to them. Maybe deep down I do believe what the company promise, maybe I do feel that there's a future here, or maybe I am waiting to see them give us something in return of expecting us to be 110% committed to our company!

We are always told to not calculate with the company and that staying back as often as possible shows that you are very committed. I don't think so! I do not stay back do not mean that I am not committed to my job. They who stay back every day may mean they are either one: overload or two: not productive.

Ha Ha!

Sien.. I know, if you expect a higher pay, then you should expect to work even more, your work responsibility will be higher. But this is my blog, so I should be able to say what I think. It should be ok that I say I expect lots of money and I don't want to work extra hard! I want to be rich when I wake up in the morning and go shopping, go spa, go manicure, go learn what I am interested in. and most importantly, NOT GO TO WORK!

Although, this is reality, and reality means you gotta work to get paid. You gotta get paid to go shopping. And when you work, you might feel it's a waste of money to go for spas and manicures, so you do them yourselves. And because you earn peanuts, DIY manicures are what you can only afford! And when you do everything yourself, you won't have time to do other things that you are interested in, like blog. So when you don't have the time to blog, you miss the opportunity to earn extra cash from what your blog can actually do for you! Example Nuffnang. So all of these actually go round and round, it's a cycle! So at the end of the day, the chances of being rich (aside from getting promoted and getting your yearly increment, which let's not talk about again) is so darn difficult!

Damn, you tell me how not to feel la being in my shoes now!

I'm so tired now, and I'm in Yi-Shen's office helping him coz his company has some exhibition to participate in tomorrow.. 赚钱难啊!

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