Friday, November 07, 2008


I would like to 记录下来 my current feelings towards my grey hairs. It sounds weird, I know. I don't understand why, tell me!

Since I was in Form 3, I started having grey hairs, but that was only one (lower right) part of my head, and they weren't obvious at all coz I'll have to part my hair and search for them only I'll see them. Anyway, I figured it must be that part of brain I'm using the most, so the greys started sprouting. I think there were maybe 4 - 5 one time, I remember plucking them and I kept them in a jar, eww! Of course as I grew older, a few greys came out here and there, which is understandable coz I am no longer in Form 3.


Lately, the grey hair is getting totally uncontrollable! It started growing a lot on the back and both sides of my head, this time it is very visible, you do not have to part the hair and search for them because there they are, screaming at you, calling for attention! I couldn't tahan the sight of it at first, so I pluck, pluck, pluck! But they grew, grew, grew some more! What more, now they've managed to appear in my fringe and places where you won't miss! You know how they stand out like a sore thumb in these places? If anyone whispers dye your hair lah, I've done that ok? But that's only a temporary solution..

Why is this happening to me? Is it my diet, or what is it? I'm really frustrated coz I am not that old to have this much grey hair. Sad..

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cher chyi said...

kelian nuh che . . maybe u should start eating the what black medicine . .the one that sze ping eat de . . will it help :(