Monday, November 10, 2008

Oats anyone?

Being fat, you'll have to make such big sacrifices.. It's depressing not being able to eat yummy food already, but also, I've been eating oats for breakfast, you've heard me right, O-A-T-S.. with very little low fat milk and no sugar no nothing.... It is not easy at all to go through that every morning I'm telling you.

Not easy.

Yi-Shen prepares the oats for me together with his, his is off course more than mine by, say, alot? I don't know why he stinges on the milk.. he says the oats absorbs them all, so it can't seem to be soupy. It is so tasteless and starchy and sticky and yucky and the best part is, it totally feels like what I would vommit out and now I'm swallowing them back in. Ok you get what I mean already..

So, I was reading nicolekiss's food blog and she wrote bout her diet plans and this particular post was about oats, it sure didn't look as horrifying as what I eat in the morning~ So I messaged Yi-

Below was our conversation..

sheri: why is her oats better and tastier looking?
sheri: not like ours.. so glue-ey
ys chung: whose oats?
sheri: the link
ys chung: well
ys chung: for one, her raisins looks like decapitated cockroaches <-- trying to make his oats feel better!
sheri: those are prunes
ys chung: she uses baby oats
ys chung: and then more milk
sheri: can we use baby oats?
sheri: at least they won't get stuck in your throat
sheri: can we use more milk?
sheri: at least it'll be a happier breakfast
sheri: since i can't have happy meals already
ys chung: we can go buy baby oats
ys chung: we can use more milk
sheri: we buy a smaller packet first
sheri: coz i'm afraid it'll taste like shit too
sheri: =D
ys chung: yeah
ys chung: shit is good for health
sheri: =*
ys chung: i will continue eating the proper oats
sheri: what do you mean proper
sheri: !!!!

Guess I won't get to eat the improper oats for now..

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