Friday, December 05, 2008

Shopping we go!

It's end of the year and all of us know it's SALES TIME!!

There are so many warehouse sales I'm telling you.. I've carefully selected the so-many out of the so-so-many warehouse sales that I want to go. I'm so excited! My mum is coming so we can go shop together! Wooppee!

Yesterday, I went to a branded fragrances sale during my (self-extended) lunch time at Armada hotel, queued up for 40 minutes and went into the hall which was so small and crowded only to disappoint myself. It was crowded by people queueing up to pay, I think they didn't expect such a big crowd, thus the chaos in the 'hall'. There was so much fragrances going around, that I can stand; what I can not stand is the unpleasant fragrances from people's mouth! PUKE! In the end I didn't buy anything coz I didn't feel well enough to queue up again, in the so-called hall. So I left empty handed..

Knowing how much I wanted to go to Nine West w/h sales, Yi-Shen agreed to take the LRT with me to Avenue K right after work. Verdict? Disappointing too.. mainly was because the choices of heels wasn't that great, and also because I have big feet and the sizes left were mostly 7 and below..

Though the place was not crowded at all, the staffs were like shit, yes you hear me right, s-h-i-t. I read from the shopper's comments about them already, and I would like to agree totally! My experience was when I went to the cashier and asked her how much was the keychain which had no price tag on it - she didn't look at me and shouted to her colleague asking the price. Then one sales girl walked towards me and I didn't expect her to be the one the cashier was shouting to coz she didn't look at me at all and certainly didn't look like she was going to answer me, what more serve me. Suddenly she said "twenty five", and I "huh?" coz wasn't sure that she is talking to me mah.. then she "twenty five" again. Madness, what kind of sales person are you all? Anyhow, there was a nicer guy working there lah.. The girls was like assholes though.

Well, I took a few pictures to let other shoppers who feels like going but also would like to have a rough idea on how the place is like see how does the place looks like lah..

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