Sunday, February 15, 2009

We're engaged!

Yeah, like finally, we are engaged! =D

I've waited long enough for Yi-Shen to propose okay? Although we have already talked about everything else, the parents have met and talked about it too, the only thing missing was the proposal.


So it was yesterday, Valentine's day. As usual, we had a super normal day, woke up, watched TV, went to The Curve with Li to meet Chyi. Yi-Shen made reservations to have dinner at Royale Bintang, but since I got all sorts of hints* that there will not be any proposal, I didn't want to eat at the hotel in the end.

*reason for hints (i'm writing these down for memory's sake as my memory sucks):

1. At first I though there's a chance of proposal coz when I asked Yi-Shen where are we celebrating Vday he said "m.m" and what is m.m? It's 秘密.. So, Li and I discussed, he has never planned any big surprises for me for Vdays, so this must be it! He is so going to propose!

Then, a day before Vday, he told me he made reservations at Royale Bintang. Which, means he was bluffing when he said m.m to me! The actual fact is that he hadn't planned yet when I asked him.

ok, disappointed.

2. On the night before Vday, I went out with friends, Li was home with him. The next day, while having Vday cupcakes (Li's present, so chweeet norh?), Li told me that he talked to Yi-Shen when I was out, asked him whether he's gonna do it that night, and he said no no no.. proposing on Vday is so cliche bla bla bla... and totally made Li believed and angry that he is not proposing.

So Li asked me not to have any hopes for the night so that I won't be disappointed. =(

3. He totally didn't dress up, and he wanted to wear crocs to The Curve lor.. taoyan! If got plans sure dress up abit wan right? Blah.....

4. His pocket also don't have anything protruding~ If there's a ring, sure can see wan right? Blek!

5. He didn't act weird at all, coz normally when he has any surprises, I can sense it!

Okay, enough of hints!

So 5 of us had dinner, we were happy but Yi-Shen was abit quiet lah, but he's not always chatty when we're with my sis coz we talk talk talk, he got no chance to talk mah... then after dinner, we decided to all go to my house; suddenly, I felt unhappy. Coz I was thinking, eh why no present for me wan? *sulk*

Don't want to walk already lah, want to go back home! So we left The Curve.

On our way back, Yi-Shen made a turn against the way back home, I asked him where were we going and he said bring me somewhere. I didn't feel like it coz I was abit unhappy already mah.. so I mm choi kuei (ignored him).

In the end, he brought us to where we first started our courtship and he started talking about those days where he finished work (we were doing our industrial training then, so I stayed with my grand aunt) and came and look for me. Sometimes we went for his late dinner, sometimes we stayed in his ol betsy (his old Proton Iswara) and talked.

I giggled all the way coz I thought he is being pretty lame, bringing me there just to tell me all those. Then he handed me my camera, asked me to look at a few pictures that he took which was very pretty. I knew he was bluffing.. =D 我在想,他一定是拍了别样.. when I switched on the camera, it was something else! It was a slide show done by Yi-Shen, a proposal slide show, finished off with a self recorded 5 seconds proposal video, heeh..

The ring leh, you ask.. got lah.... next time only show you all kay?

In conclusion, I'm happy that Yi-Shen has proposed! And it's darn difficult to tell this story.


cher chyi said...

Congratulations and celebration :D hahahahaha. . . . love u che :D

SheriCheryi said...

hehe! thanks chyi..

zthon said...


i want to see the ring!!! :D

SheriCheryi said...

heehhe thanks thon!! =D