Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amsterdam; Europe virgin

Can you imagine my phone's battery went flat while I was sleeping and the alarm did not go off when I'm supposed to go for a tour?! Thank god it's not a working day!! The concierge called me to say that the bus is here to pick us up, and I asked him what time is it.. I took 15 minutes to get ready and lucky too that I had fake eyelashes done before coming to Amsterdam!

The tour was nice because all the houses here are very nice, all houses have their own unique touch. Look into their houses and you'll see flowers and dining tables by the window, it's like houses in the movies and catalogues! Apparently the house owners here are very competitive and they'd all have different doors and curtains; true enough, I see different doors in a row!

Are all countries in Europe like this? I'm certainly curious and look forward to find out!

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