Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mother or Me?

i know this may not be a good subject to post here... however, i am trying to treat this blog as a place for me to let out 'some' of my feelings... so... here goes...

mother, or me?

this has not been the first time i face this kind of problem... i do understand our parents, especially our mums play a very important role in our lifes; i terribly love my mother too. however... when an argument occurs because of mothers, most of the times it's because of theirs (GUYS).

am i not as important as your mum? why can't you think of me first? why does she talk so cruelly? why can't she talk in a nicer way with me? why? why? why?

there are so many whys and unfairness that we girls can't understand here. why can't they grow up? why can't their mothers be as understanding as mine? these are the questions i often feel like having someone answer for me.

no... there won't be an answer for this. maybe it's how God made them; just like how God made us girls always moody and demanding. which guys won't be able to understand WHY, and always feel like having someone answer their questions for them.

so, life is fair i guess. maybe we just have to try accept the fact that when they have to choose, it won't be us... sad to say... YOU GUYS will have to accept us being jumpy, angry, noisy, grumpy, unhappy, and the list goes on!

hahahah!! now i feel better~ 'coz compared to the hundred things they have to sacrifice, ours is too tiny to be annoyed at~

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