Wednesday, March 30, 2005

some 'in & unin' teresting things

It has been a while... I've wanted to write another post here long ago, but there has been no connection in this house. I miss my blog. =D

Many things happened these few days. Uninteresting things though... Our room was flooded with rain water because we left the windows open. I bought a swimming suit and a set of bikini too! Bikini... Can anyone imagine why? I can't myself. Hahahah... Well... maybe there's always a 'just in case I get slim' right? Yeah... that's why.

Then, what else happened? Oh~ this is something more interesting. My very good friend and a girl friend of mine are lovers now! I went out with him like old days a few days ago where he told me the news like it was nothing. I find it funny then. I do feel happy for them, I do.

It has been many years since he was involved in a relationship with a girl. He told me his feelings about things happening now. Some which kept me wondering. Anyhow, I'll keep the details to myself~!


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