Sunday, March 06, 2005



this would be the first time i'm posting a blog of my own. i'm not sure it'll turn out good.. it may be a boring one that will not interest anyone.

my english!!!! i don't think it's good enough to let me express what i have in mind.. i think i could write a better blog if i didn't stop writting my diary (which i'm good at! i've been writting my diaries since i was in form 3; when i had my first so-called boy-friend. =รพ ). however, i have stopped writting about a year now..

back to my blog~ why did i decide to start a blog now.. hmm.. i think it's because i actually do enjoy writting about my feelings, my thoughts, and also when i see or experience certain things.

(paused for more than 5 minutes... still thinking.. better stop here.. my mind is blocked. )

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