Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Yay! I'm going to a concert!

Fish Leong's concert! I am so excited!

Going to her concert has been what I wanted since long ago. I personally love her songs, that's why besides concerts of Andy Lau, she is the only singer that I'd want to spend money on.

Furthermore, I'm well versed with 90% of her songs. It's only her latest album that I am unfamiliar with. =/

I went to CD RAMA for the tickets, paid RM420 and got the three tickets for us. (Yi-Shen & Ching) Actually, my mum and Chyi wanted to attend the concert as well, but for Cher Chyi, it's because she has not been saving up; my mum, she's in Kelantan, so it's kinds impractical to come all the way for 2 days just for the concert. It's not that my mum is a very great fan of Fish Leong's. =>

So, the big day would be on the 1st of October, will try to smuggle a camera in.

Huh? Do I hear someone asking why would I do something forbidden? Because, to show you the pictures marr!!!

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yishen said...

this comment is posted post-concert, haih, what you got, is only a run of the mill digital camera lah, cannot zoom far far also ler... save up for a nice digital slr with a good zoom lens lar~