Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Somerset Bay Denim Jacket!!!

Can you feel the excitement by reading the TITLE of this post?

Recently, I saw a cropped denim jacket at Somerset Bay and instantly fell in love with it! It has some brown coloured crouchet on the collar and at the end of the sleeves and it just fitted perfectly on me!

I really wanted it! And now I've got it! =D

However, the process of getting it was a complicated one. I went to every franchise (except the one in Amcorp Mall and other states' ) and failed in getting the oh-so-beautiful jacket. Out of stock la, no sizes la, out of stock la, button got only 4 when there's supposed to be 5 la... Should have bought it the day I spotted it! Irritated!!

I couldn't wait no more!

So, there's still the Amcorp Mall franchise what, says Chung Yi-Shen. If not, Johor's lor, can ask Mrs. Chung to buy mar.

Yeah, Amcorp Mall, like they'll have when they know I so want it. Sure they'll say out of stock la, no sizes la, out of stock la, button got only 4 la... I hate it.

Heheh, actually, the one I'm wearing NOW, was bought from Amcorp Mall la! =D Yi-Shen went to that mall just to buy my this jacket! Woohoo~ Yeah, nice boyfriend you may say, but he has his imperfectness you won't be able to stand too. Whoops.

I'm happy that I have this perfect jacket now. At least, that was what I think when I so wanted to buy it and so couldn't get to. And yeah, of course I've found flaws in it now that I already have it.

*would love to show you the picture of it but do not have a camera now.

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minnieooi said...

Hey!! im soooooooooooo in love with Sommerset's Denim Jacket too!!! im in love with one.. but i know i got no use with it.. so din buy.. huhu... :( CONGRATS for getting urs!! muaxx!! miss ya loadss