Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I've fallen in love with pretty pretty cupcakes lately!

it was when one of our company's cake supplier showed me her cupcakes that amazed me; she designed cup cakes even for babies full moon celebration, blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls. so instead of giving typical full moon ang-ku-kueys, you can impress your friends and
relatives with the oh-wow-cupcakes. look!

elmo and cookie monsters faces cupcakes!

Don't you just love those irresistable rainbow colours butter icing coated on top of the cupcakes? how creatively the small cakes can be transformed into! instead of the normal round birthday cakes with "happy birthday cheryi" spelled on it, you can opt for cupcakes nowadays! i'm so sure everyone will go ooh and ahh over the cupcakes! i know i am talking like i'm selling cupcakes myself, but i don't know why but i'm just madly in love with them out of a sudden that i am seeing that i have a nice small store selling cupcakes!

it will be so beautiful and attractive and that everyone will wanna come and buy even if they don't normally like cakes! but they will like my cakes because my cakes are nice lil cupcakes!

this is a nice shop

this is my very own cupcake logo i designed out of 10 minutes! haha! CHERRIE CUPCAKES will be my shop name, heh, guess this will do for the time being!

i'll have my logo everywhere! on the plates, on the wall, on the boxes, on the ceiling, the door, the window, the paper bag, my apron, eveywhere! and slowly i'll have the cupcake logo on notebooks, pencils, ribbons and everthing, that people can buy because they won't be able to resist the cute pink cupcake picture and they'll wanna have it!

as i was talking to my sis, we'll run this business together, my mum will be tending to the shop, ching being the marketing manager, since she studied marketing; chyi will be the head chef, as she wanted to be a chef but because of her precious fingernails she decided against it! and me, i'll be the creative director for our brand!

yeah, since secondary school days, whatever shop it may be, we've been constantly planning for our own nice and cosy shop. there had been plans for a bridal shop, handi-craft shop, what else i can't remember.. but my best friend chew szee and i had always wanted to have a shop, until we've grown up, she went to singapore, me still here, given up hope about my other 'dream' of being a cabin crew while keep putting on weight; that we slowly forget about the dreams we had together. but remembering what we shared those days brings back real good feelings!

well for now, i'll continue dreaming of my shop...

in the mean time, do promise you'll be my customer when you see my shop one day!


Anonymous said...

che i wish to open a shop like that too.. nice... it surely will be nice.. if u end up dont get to open this cupcakes shop.. then ur first baby's fullmoon u order from the lady doing it can d la.. kaka..

StephenLim said...

WoOt, it is nice to see this post here!! Where is the shop located? Can i order the customized birthday cake? Hehe.. will that be any discount if i mention ur name :P Cheer!