Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Car accident


It was out of my control, I wanted it to stop but it didn't. It continued sliding, and banged like a bumper car.

Yeah, it was drizzling last night, I was driving Yi-Shen's car, he was sitting on the passenger's seat, Li was sitting at the back and we were heading home after dinner. I made a turn and lost concentration on the cars in front as I was looking at the rear view mirror; in a split of a second, it was too late to realize that the cars in front all braked.

I stepped on the braked but the car didn't stop at all, the road was too slippery. I had time to recall Yi-Shen talking about how the brake locks the car tyres when there's a sudden hard step on the brake, so I released and stepped on the brakes again, but sadly that didn't work too. Maybe it doesn't apply on straight roads.

So all of us watched me bang into the car in front, surprisingly, all was calm too. There was no shout let out by Li, no instructions or terperanjat-ness from Yi-Shen. Nothing special came out of me as well, but I felt my legs a bit soft when I walked out of the car lah.

In the end, the car that kena bang said it's ok (after like 10 minutes of inspecting his bumper, which didn't even had a scratch), so Yi-Shen took over and drove back.

This is the second time I damaged his front bumper after he fixed it and repainted it. =( The first time was when I was alone and reversed out of a parking space and got a scratched (a bad one) from the pillar.

This time, I got his car a crack, and the whole bumper dropped down a little. Sorry!


vialentino said...

oh boy...hope u drive carefully next time...

Jikey said...

um.. drive safe.. ~

SheriCheryi said...

=D i know.... but i also didn't see it coming!! sien......