Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate smokers!

Why is it that smokers are generally selfish?

From the bottom of my heart, I hate (almost all of) them.

Have you walked in corridors, along the road, crossing the streets and smell smoke from the person in front of you who is smoking while walking? Have you being eating your lunch and smell smoke from the person in front of you who is smoking after his/her satisfying meal? They (the smokers) say, I quote: “饭后一支烟,快乐似神仙”; we say “要死你去死,我可不想死”!

Why? Why? Why can’t they be a little more considerate and smoke only at smoking rooms? If you can't find one, smoke somewhere behind the bushes where less people walk pass! Non smokers do not smoke because we don't want to, so what makes them think that we would want to inhale their second hand smoke?

I know it is a free world, but we being non smokers also have the right to tell you in your face that we do not enjoy smelling the nasty smell; so do not get offended when we do so, because you did not care if we are being offended while you huff and puff.

Every since I joined this current company, coughing is my second name.

Being in an office where 2 smoking managers (before this there were 6, go figure!) kill our lives slowly every day definitely makes me hate smokers more. Imagine the smell lah, we are in an air conditioned room, come on lah!

The recent cough I had was so terrible that I almost had asthma, I'm not coughing already but I'll start coughing whenever I attempt to laugh out loud (which is what I always do). Am I being deprived of laughing out loud, I asked Yi-Shen. I'm afraid coz this is the first time I cough so badly and it is also the first time I experience this laughing and cough thing.

To conclude, I just want to say that they really should not smoke in the office, be it in their room or whatever. Show some consideration!


mangosteenskin said...

helo sheri,

i like your shop's logo very much!!!

I myself always choose the cheepest acto-knife for my stamp carving. Carving set? what do u mean by that? do u found any special lino/stamp carving tool set in kl? I thought those things not sold in malaysia. hihi.

For the time being, I only use wood carving tools. They are not sharp enough for rubber-cutting, but I modified it a bit by using sandpaper.

SheriCheryi said...

hi mangosteen!! i'm thrilled that you actually commented in my blog! the carving set i meant was wood carving tools actually, so it's very difficult to carve details, especially wordings.. is it true that they don't sell Linos in Msia? i've asked a few art crafts shops but they don't have it. anyhow, i really gotta say again, you are so talented!

mangosteenskin said... too! I also tried asking few craft shops, but they answered the same. I was so dissapointed so try buying from ebay. It cost me rm50 for a set of lino cutter, with "chow kia" gred one. The tip is not much different with the wood carver, only that it is thinner. but it crack easily when I try to sharpen it so I turn to my wood carver again.

SheriCheryi said...

i see i see.. i guess we really won't get any here then.. people overseas are more into crafts.. i'm thinking of asking my sis to help me buy when she goes to the US. how do you sharpen your knifes? i still want to praise you for mounting your stamps on blocks.. a-ma-zing!! hhehe..

zthon said...

air-conditioned room also can smoke? that's a bit too much already. if they smoke outside still ok a bit.

SheriCheryi said...

ho lerr... so angry eh me! sometimes don't even close the door eh! i can die i tell you.. so i open the windows near me lor.. haih...

hey thon what is ming's phone number?