Friday, January 05, 2007

My visit to Dr. Wong

This is the receipt of my visit to Doctor Wong (2 months back lah... heheheh).

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, I myself is still shocked at it too! RM120??? Gosh it is expensive!

When we were in Kota Bharu, the family doctor that we go to charges around RM30 to 40? And we always say he is very expensive, but now look at this!

I've been coughing on and off for like, half a year already? Can't seem to fully recover from it and yesterday I vomited twice because of over coughing! So I knew I had to go to a doctor already. It's not that I didn't take any medications before that, but I never fully recover after taking medicines so far, so that is a reason why I never like going to a clinic when I'm coughing! I feel it is better if I let my cough go away itself, since taking medicine won't really help.

So anyway, I asked around and friends recommended this particular doctor, whose shop is located at SS2. They've already warned me that he is expensive, so I was prepared to pay around RM 80 at most, I told myself, coz it cant be more expensive than that for coughs right? Anyway, we all know how much it cost in the end now lah!

The interior of the clinic is like what we see 10 years back. You know how you dread going to the clinic/dentist because the walls look scary; clean, but scary! And the smell!

So, this clinic had the same walls! It looks simple and nice, but in an old fashioned way.

Meeting Dr. Wong himself was an experience! He speaks very softly, he don't quite look at you when he speaks (kinda freaky), he frowns a little when he speaks, etc lah! You must go see him yourself (touch wood, I know) then you'll know what I'm saying!

Dr. Wong said that I had to stop taking cold drinks, cold things, no sweet things, no chicken, no fruits. No fruits? I was like, huh? But whatever he says, I will do, because he is way too expensive not to follow! So it wasn't fun coz I had to stop myself from taking spicy food as well, and not being able to take cold drinks in such hot weather is no fun at all...

P/s: Since this post is late by 2 months, I actually didn't recover from the first visit to the Doctor. I had to go for another one time where he asked me to go for an X-ray for the sake of peace of mind (for me and him, apparently), and after confirming that my lungs are ok, I continued taking his medicines for another 2 rounds and my cough recovered. Yeah you can imagine how much money this cough cost!

So is Dr. Wong good or not, I don't know.

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