Friday, January 05, 2007

Kenny Sia

I am a fan of Kennysia's blog, which was introduced to me by my sis more than a year ago. We enjoyed his blogging but there was a stage where I find getting kinda boring because his entries was getting predictable. The way he concludes the entry by by editing pictures with his head or body on something (or someone else) actually wasn't that funny anymore then. So I started to loose interest in his blog.

Until one day, I decided to read his previous posts, and I started to like him all over again. Reading Someone's archives can make you get to know him/ her. It may not be the real self the blogger is portraying in his entries, but anyhow it is the one side of him he is revealing. It is kinda interesting (and kepo-ing)!

I'm almost finishing all of the entries now, these are the 2 entries that are super funny, you guys should check them out!
About his privates, as always
About a darn funny letter

The first time I actually hear kennysia's voice was through the video clip in his blog, eww, it didn't sound good! Reading his blog all these while made me think that he has a very macho kind of voice, hahah! But I admire him for losing 8 kgs last year! I would never have the will power to do that myself.

Kenny Sia seems like a nice guy, although he always wants us girls to believe that his balls are the size of coconuts... I would like to meet him one day, so that he can prove it.

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