Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To China we go

Over the weekend, Yi-Shen, George (a uni friend) and I went to MATTA fair. We wanted to go to Bali, but throughout the whole fair, we realised that all travel agents are offering ground packages only; which means they do not include air tickets but only hotel and some local tours when you get there. They say it's because most people will buy Air Asia's promotional tickets themselves.

How disappointing! And I thought I didn't want to join my colleagues in buying the tickets for July next year coz MATTA fair might have good deals and which I won't have to wait so long to go! Sien... well they do have air tickets too, but it's RM700 over! It's so not worth it, so Yi-Shen got quite disappointed.

As you can see from my title today, yeah, in the end we bought a package to China.

How did we end up buying that? George lah! He likes China, he just got back from a trip to other provinces of China a month ago, and he wants to go again. So he chose this Spectacular Gourmet Tour to Macau/Zhuhai/Zhongshan/Shunde/Panyu/
Foshan/Guangzhou/Gongguan/Shenzhen, all in 6 days. It is considered a catch (at RM1200+) looking at the many places we'll be going, but in 6 days.. I think I can imagine the rushing part.

We're giving China a try since the only part of China I've been to years ago is Guangzhou, and I'm sure a lot have changed since then. And we get to go to Macau, and it's almost the same price as the packages to Bali. Guess I have enough reasons to convince myself again. Although if I wait for the next zero fare AA promotion I'll only be paying 288 per person for the tickets, and say 250 for 4 nights stay in the hotel, and 200 for food, another 200 for transport.. which in total cost less than 1000. hmm...

Well, money have been paid, there's no room for regrets now, although, I'm not saying that I regret or anything.. So China, here we come!

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