Thursday, September 18, 2008

SheriShopie is born!

My friends, SheriShopie is finally up! Do visit my shopie and let me know whatever you think that I can improve.

This is my logo, designed by Chyi's friend. Many thanks to koreanfringe! The logo is not just a logo, it has meanings in it that is personal to me. I did give it much thoughts you know, not just cin-cai design.. of course you'd know what does the diamond ring in it means, it means I love diamonds! Hah, it also means I'm also selling accessories la yah!

I'll slowly have more things in my shopie, I wanna have clothes! bags! YAY!

See ya there! SHERISHOPIE!

1 comment:

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hello sheri! thanks for joining me in going green! It's a great pleasure to have you wih us!

oh, i've forgottent to add back the script to my template when i did the recent makeover at my blog. sry about that! i've added the script already now and you can see the list here. :)

I will add you in the list right away! thanks again, dearie! btw, we're both the same age! yay!! :))