Thursday, September 04, 2008

warehouse sales

I guess those who know me enough will know that I LOVE warehouse sales, in other words, I'm a sucker for it.

I would wake up early in the morning, queue a long queue, pack and push with the other crazy shoppers, just for these sales.

The most extreme one that I did was the Estee Lauder warehouse sale - Ching and I woke up at 6 in the morning, Yi-Shen fetched us to Renaissance KL, the queue was already crazy. You can guess how packed that hall was lah, I don't really mind the pushing and stepping on my toes; I'm disgusted that some people don't smell too good.. maybe it's too early and they didn't bathe before going.. You know, I'm taller than most average Malaysian girls, guys too.. so I can totally smell their heads man! *vommit*

Anyway, the thing is after we came out of war, with purchases for sure, I had to rush to work! Hahah! Was slightly wee bit late lah.. Yi-Shen waited for us all time, very good horr? Gong, if you are reading, must continue love me and bring me to all the sales yah? If can, next time I don't want to go to w/h sales anymore, I want to shop luxury-ly.

So you can see how much I can sacrifice for w/h sales now.

When I first knew about w/h sales and went to them, I wasted quite a lot of money buying things that I do not use in the end. Now, I try to buy what I really need. It's difficult lah.

This weekend, there are so many warehouse sales going on that I do not know which to go first. There's the great MATTA fair, there's Diethelm w/h sales,Hush Puppies w/h sales, Padini w/h sales, an offline e-shop sale.. which should I miss?!

Sales oh sales, here I come!

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