Thursday, April 09, 2009

Awesome Bangkok

Heavy shopping (pun intended)
Sweat rolled down our crossed legs in Chatuchak
Super affordable massage sessions
Extreme haggling with taxi/ tuk-tuk drivers
Laughed and had fun being together

We did all of the above except for the last two, which was only done by Ching and Chyi. =D Pity them especially Ching as there was one day she felt so awful but insist that she was okay and kept walking the mall with us.

How not to feel sick lah, catching grasshopers as they hop hop hop and into their mouth the grasshopers go.. Duh.. they asked one of the road side stall to fry it first la! YEEEE!!!!

Yeah that was a joke, but we strongly suspect this was the stall that made her so sick.. She ordered somtam and saw mushrooms and pointed that too, thinking that the lady will also somtam the mushrooms, you know? In the end the mushrooms wasn't prepared the way we expected, instead was cooked in some green soup which looked & smelled weird. But you know Ching, she tried the thing and regretted the next day.

This is the view walking out of the hotel, the tall building is Baiyoke. There are a few massage places (150THB for foot massage, very cheap, i know!), a 7-Eleven, a few stalls selling not so appetizing food, and as you walk to Platinum mall in the morning (which takes about 15 minutes I guess), there are many shops along the way.

This is Ecotel, a 1 year old hotel with Full Comfort at Budget Prices as it's tagline. Frankly we were quite disappointed at how the hotel looked like compared to photos on the internet, but no doubt we were lucky as it is clean and new, and they do change your bedsheets and towels everyday.

We arrived at midnight on our first night, the receptionists aren't too friendly and they all have a non-negotiable attitude. Why do i say so is because we were going to stay for 5 nights and we asked for a minimal discount on the extra bed (which is THB500 per night) as we are already paying for 2 rooms, but even the manager insisted that the answer was NO.

It may be their hotel's policy, but as a manager, I believe you can be a wee bit flexible, we would be very happy even if she agrees to give us a 100THB discount! But all we got was NONONONONO.

The building of Ecotel, still under renovation. I guess it'll be a bigger hotel when it is fully renovated.

Ramada Hotel, opposite our hotel.

And next to it is Bangkok Palace Hotel, should be very expensive, I donno.

Shopping is pretty cheap when you do it at Bangkok, but if you prefer branded stuffs you can head to Siam Paragon or MBK for medium priced goods. We like Platinum!

It would feel weird to not go to Chatuchak when you're at Bangkok, so we went on Saturday. It was omg-so-very-extremely hot you have to not think of the heat then you'll feel cooler. Sweat rolled down from my arms where i wore a bangle, imagine.

Are they Pomeranians? The dogs, not the girls, haha! Can't remember.. but they are cute hor.. I didn't touch them though.. scared they are dirty mah. The owners just bought them from the market, how clean can they be? Anyway, clever not me hide behind Ching? =D

Bangles!!! My current fave! One thing i realise about Bangkok is the clothes are darn cheap, the shoes can be too, but the accessories are not cheap! Sien...

A ride on Tuk-tuk is like one on a roller coaster, only this you have higher chance of dying. =_=

We didn't really eat like the previous trips this time, just couldn't find real tasty food that makes us go crazy. Li and I miss the noodles at Silom, slurp!! We didn't have time to go there though; in fact we didn't even had enough time to go to Siam area. Only managed to drop by MBK for less than 2 hours and the shops all started to close at 9pm. Why do they close so early? Bangkok is a tourist city, they should open their shops until at least 11pm what!

If you haven't read from Chyi or Li’s blog, we did hair extensions!

Which is awesome!

Except that it's so difficult to wash our hair now lor, sien. I love to give my head a good scratch/scrub when I wash my hair, I get super pissed when I go to the salon and the hairwash guy/girl wash my hair as if they haven't been eating!!

So I've always wanted super long hair, it looks sexier.. Although my hair is already long, but I want it to be longer, like long enough to cover my ne-ne when I put my hair infront. Yeah you get the idea..

This is me before getting extensions, no make up, only drew my brows, which was a bit tooo dark, which makes me look like crayon sin chan.

Then, see me after my hair which came with a-weird-smell-and-it-still-smells-abit-now-after-so-many-washes grew longer.

Don't say "there's no difference", I'll kill you!

Chyi after extensions.

Li and her he-dresser after extensions.

Mum's the greatest of the greatest! She waited for us patiently for so many hours while we were putting on someone else's hair onto our head! After many many hours she finally decided to have her nails drawn, it's so cheap to get beautify there my goodness.. Mum's not so used to pay for manicures, so she wanted to jaga it properly. And after roughly an hour, she still held her fingers stiff, like how we do when our nails are still wet and we don't want it to get scratched!

This basically sums up our trip to Thailand, the land of smiles where local people like to ask you where you're from, and when you answer them, they'll straight away say "Welcome to Thailand!". I should try saying I'm from Bangkok the next time they ask, see if they process it fast enough to realise before saying that. ;)

p/s: if you are thinking why are my pictures all weird, it's because i editted them that way la okay? look properly, it's an effect.. *sulk*

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