Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Snatch thief

When I was in Bangkok, Yi-Shen's handphone was snatched when he was talking on the phone while walking beside the road in front of his office in Ara Damansara! What a long sentence, I know.

All of you out there must be extra carefull and don't think that it's not easy to snatch your handphone or whatever okay, the thiefs are so expert in what they are doing I'm telling you. What happened to Yi-Shen was this guy (alone on his bike) gave a push on Yi-Shen's arm and POOF! there goes your handphone! Yeah, it is like magic coz there you are, holding onto your phone, but the experts can easily grap them from you and you can say bye to your however-expensive-it-can-be phone.

Found a video on you tube on mobile snatching. click to watch

Sigh.. Have to spend money on a new phone already lorh, but apparently, someone is rather excited to be able to get a new phone.

Go figure.

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