Monday, April 13, 2009

F1 Grand Prix

Not a fan of F1, but our friend had free tickets for us so we just went ahead with it.

It is very rare that all 4 of us housemates (Yi-Shen, Cher Li, Pen Hau and me) agree to go somewhere together, Pen Hau seldom wants to join us for anything.. He has always got many dates wan mah..

So off we go after changing into something more F1, which I don't have coz girls that go to F1 normally wear sexy with style, big sunnies, hair tied back, bla bla bla..

Pen Hau is a PEROfessional photographer already nowadays, he gets freelance jobs wann you know? So give him a ring if you want cheap but nice (uek) photography k?

It was so damn jam on the way to Sepang, we couldn't understand why.. Pity those who were on their way to catch an Air Asia flight.. together-gether jam with us.

Tak sempat make up coz it was really last minute..

It took us about 2 hours and we finally parked our car (luckily not far from where everyone who parked illegal had to start walking). We started our exercise of the day, so very far leh we walked!

This is the start of the walk which is slightly uphill, can you see how never ending the road seemed? Hehe.. We could hear the engines of the F1 cars roaring already, so we walked faster as it was getting quite late. Wouldn't want to miss the race..

Faster faster faster! It's drizzling already...

And finally, this is (part of) the F1 circuit, the walk from the entrance to where our seat was was also extremely far, and by the time we sat down, it was no longer drizzling, it was raining. Heavily.

After 10 minutes, one race car skidded because the road was too slippery.. and the red flag was flagged, so all cars stopped.

So potong steam, they had to wait and see whether the rain stopped.

A few pictures taken by Pen Hau, look at Yi-Shen's mouth..

The race didn't continue in the end, and we had to walk back to our car.. same ol journey.. goodness...

p/s: i just realised i didn't mention who won, but i guess everyone who listens to/ reads news knows already.. anyway it's Jenson Button la....


Christopher Koh said...

Hey Sheri! :)

Remember me? Hehe.
So long never see you. How are you?
I met Pen Hau last year when I was at NTV7 studio. Hope you're doing good.
Wah, own business ar? Good good.
All the best man ;)

Eh, I change my blog d lar.
It's ;)

Anyway, send my regards to Pen Hau and your bf (if they can still remember me lar) Haha.
Take care!!

Chris a.k.a topher

SheriCheryi said...

hi topher, of course remember you la... if not you won't be in my fb what.. =D

so how's life? where are you working now? celebrity already ah?

my business is super small only.. but do support, invite your friends to join my group, or come look for me this weekend at tropicana city mall!

ok i'll say hi to them! you take care!