Friday, January 20, 2006


I was the organizer of our office Christmas party; I sent out invitations to all who're invited, arranged the food catering, did all the decorations, etc etc. Yes, I'm proud of it coz I feel it turned out pretty enjoyable! Everyone had fun! Everyone got drunk!

Well since I was the one who decorated the office, I decided that if we have a banner that is drawn by ourselves, it'd be even meaningful. So off we went to buy fabric paint and stuffs needed.

I did all the sketching, measuring, drawing, painting, alone, clever leh~~~

Except the Santa's sack la, Yi-Shen was the one who painted the sack, which turned out not-so-nice-compared-to-mine!! hahah! He wanted to achieve a 3d effect, doesn't want the sack to look flat, like my Santa. *_*

Sigh, I don't know why I can't upload more photos already. I tried for so many times but the pictures doesn't seem to appear after uploading...

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