Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Doing Sweet Things

When Cher Li bought an ice-cream to my surprise the other day, it made me think about the sweet things people around me did for me.

Well, in Cher Li's case, it was when we were at Mid Valley shopping. She was sharing an ice-cream together with my mum when they offered me a mouth of it and i declined. Why, they asked, i simply said that i want Mandarin-Orange flavoured and not what they're having. It was really just an excuse for not wanting to eat just because i didn't feel like it. So, we continued shopping and forgot about the comment i gave when suddenly, Cher Li patted me at my back and when i turned around, she was holding a Mandarin-Orange ice-cream for me!!! How sweet right?

Another sweet thing done for me is one morning when i was getting ready for work ( it was a day off for Yi-Shen so he was still sleeping), he suddenly got up and went out of the room. I continued doing my things and eventually Yi-Shen got back in the room and went to sleep again. I didn't ask him la why did he go out, but i found out why when I walked out of the room and saw a glass of hot Milo on the table, for me... How sweet right?

It's these small things that people do for you, that can make you melt and feel very happy, right?

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