Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Know This is WAY Too Late

I know this entry is way too late, but since I made a promise of writing about it (which I do want to), and for hoping that by updating my blog, my web counter will come back to me, here goes.

The concert was a tremendous one! And what more, it lasted for 3 hours, which I feel is very worth my money. Although I was only sitting at he RM140 area It was really too bad that we had to leave before the concert ended. We left with heavy steps because we had to catch the last commuter train.

The next day when I read the newspapers, I shouted!! Yerh! When we left, she sang another 3 songs! And one of it is my favourite! Too bad...

Well, during the concert, we got caught taking photos several times. The not so macho security ah pek (he's not an old man, but I call him ah pek because I don't like him) even started a hand wrestle with Cher Ching because he wanted to snatch our camera away from us! So while Ching was battling with him, I kept very quiet (not looking at him) and sort of continue looking at Fish Leong sing! Finally, he left, zhen1 tao3 yan4! Some people were happily taking away and he doesn't seem to see it?!

Anyway, let's talk about happier things. As always, there're always many people who shouts at the celebrities name while thery're on stage right, well, we did too! BUT, we did it when Fish Leong was talking and when everyone else was quietly, paying full attention to what she was saying! Whoa! It was awesome! She heard us, everyone did! Fish Leong even stopped for a while, smiling!

Overall, the concert was enjoyable. Too bad Andy Lau came to Malaysia for his concert too soon. Because I didn't feel I have the extra money to go to his concert although he was in my swear together with Fish Leong. I once sweared that I'll go for sure to his and her concert if ever they come to Malaysia. Heheh...

Anyway, as you guys may notice that there're no photos at all here. Please give me a little time as it is very hard for me to blog nowadays since our house has no internet connection yet. So, i'll burn the pictures into a cd and bring it here, then only upload them lah! =*

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