Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Convo Journey 1

Oh! Everyone's kinda excited over the fact that we're going for a family vacation! Or sort of la.. So a day before departing, all of us went to the hair and nail salon to pamper ourselves.

Have to look as pretty as possible marr... We're gonna take a family photo erh...

So, while the rest had their nails done, Ching and I went to the hair salon first.

I was steaming my hair when she had hers washed. "Can't wash my hair on my own coz my arm hurts (bitten by Ginger, remember?)", she claims. Okay~~

I had my hair blown straight! I miss straight hair (when I have curls!!!), and vice versa.

Straight or curly lah??

Having to wait for my turn, I left and went to get my other chores done. 4 of us doing lar, long Q~

Chyi's, with a 3d ribbon on each hand.


Ching's. There's actually a 3d football on one of her thumb, but you can't see it in this picture. Or anyone of you out there can't see that her nails are of footballs? Gosh....

Finally, this is mine!! =D

All hands together! You may notice there's one un-manicured hand which belongs to my youngest sis, Cher Li. =D Too young cannot do yet!


Ma : "Well, who's going to do the housework and packing now??"

Me : "Har? Not me la... Can't zip the bags la, will ruin my nails!"

Sis : "Yeah la, aiyoh how arh?"

Anyway, we managed to have our luggages packed and this picture here was taken on the bus to Kuala terengganu to meet our dad.

-End of Part One-


Victor yong :P said...

Yay!!! I'm the first to write a comment...sheri wah u are very pretty la....hahah paiseh la i tell u this ehheeh....dun kembang hidung ah....but really ler.... :D

SheriCheryi said...

yerh victor... u bluff wan la!! the pictures i posted in the entry u commented got no pretty pictures of me pun~ bluff me....