Friday, August 19, 2005


This is a very nice dress. I really like it alot.

I'm always attracted to blouses and dresses that's very "English-ie". Yesterday, when I went shopping, I saw several blouses that is so English! But all of them were new arrivals. Too bad... They are really nice, but I am sure many out there will not agree with me. Girls nowadays do not have the same good taste as me. =D

Somerset Bay for example, is where I go wah, wah, wah. Beside Ching and my best friend Szee, almost every other girls and guys says yeeyerrhh to what we say wah. Seriously!

Anyway, back to shopping. I certainly had to stop myself from buying any of the blouses I found nice! You wanna know why? Because I can't bare the thought of seeing it on offer the next time I shop. And when I say next time here, I don't mean after 2 months' next time! I mean 2 weeks! 2 miserouble weeks.

This had happened to me quite a few times and I can tell you, the feeling is not nice at all.

Take yesterday, whenI saw the signs SALE SALE SALE in Topshop, I said to myself, " don't let me find that the bag Yi-Shen just bought for is on now on sale! I've not even started using it ok?" And guess what? Yeah, you've certainly guessed right, it is!!!!!!!!! 30% eh!

Sigh... Can you understand my feelings? Why does this has to happen to me all the time la?



yishen said...

aiks... I am forced to write this comment... btw, she spelled 'miserable' wrongly, and... well... I am being chided because I read through her blog too soon.... is it wrong when I am a fast reader?

minnieooi said...

omg~! me n my mum LURVE sommerset!! hahah... my mum got one nice one that day.. i din get to buy.. coz it was too exp.. huhuhuhu....we almost fainted in there..hahah... we have same taste :P

SheriCheryi said...

hahahah...we're the rare breeds then i guess! warehouse in one utama has gorgeous tops too u know... but it's too too expensive!! =(