Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Durian Eating Session

Now, how do I start?

Let's just say, there was one night at Kota Bharu, my mum brought 4 of us (sisters) to search for durians as it's durian season now. We stopped opposite of a stall and waited in the car while my Mum and Ching went over and chose for nice durians.

In the car, Chyi and I was glinting to see clearly at the faded marker ink on a weather-beaten cardboard. The 50sen was very clear... Only the other words weren't. Chyi even shouted across to my Mum, wanting to ask her the price! Well, we gave up at last! It's too bad that we didn't bring the camera out or else we could have taken a photo of the sign board.

At last, both of them carried 2 bags of fruits back to the car. There were 9 fruits all in and guess what? It only cost RM4 as the price was 50sen sekilo!!

9 durians for 5 of us!

Mum is the durian-opening-sifu

So is Chyi la... Here she is, trying to open one very very small durian side to see whether there's any durian flesh in it.

Oh, yes there is!!

(A very ugly picture)

Yes, I use spoon to eat my durians... So does my sisters now, coz they are 'gen pi cong's.

Actually, there was 6 of us eating the durians! I miscounted this one here!!

Ginger : "Mmm.... nice~ ruff!"


Well, eating durian was happy. But later that night, Ching was bitten by Ginger!! Bad dog!!! He is crazy at night, we don't know why. All of us had been bitten by him, but not this bad!

See, she's crying. From the way she cried, I can see that it really hurt.

Ching : " Why? Why did you have to bite me? I sayang you you bite me in return? I hate you! I don't sayang you anymore!!"

These are the 2 big bites from our stupid ungrateful dog. Can you see the C-row of small ones right above this 2 bog ones? There are another 2 big ones on the lower part of her arm.

I took her to our General Hospital only next morning. (Luckily she survived the night and didn't turn crazy! But we did think that she could no longer turn any crazier for she is already always crazy!! fuh~)

What??? Only RM1??? OMG! I couldn't believe it! Why so cheap??


.... plus medicine somemore??? ...faint...


toPher said...

too much lar u..
first you never bring me go clubbing..
now u eat durians nvr invite me pulak!!
tsk tsk... hehe

SheriCheryi said...

yoh... u dont drink wan.. go clubbing for wat? hahah! unless u drink la...then we'll go! ok? :D