Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Convo Journey 3

In our hotel room, where 3 of us sisters shared, we did all sort of things. We had massage sessions, facial sessions, and other confidential sessions as well. Then, when Ching and Chyi were watching the video we took from the video camera, an idea came to my mind.

Pretend to laugh at something funny.

work on it, Chyi.

Ok, then it got really funny.


Then, the BIG day. =D

I don't wanna look round-face la...

Okla, wear for you la...

Taken before going into the hall.

This bouquet of flowers was given by Yi-Shen's Mum. How sweet of her! His brother bought me a graduate bear too. Present from Yi-Shen? Don't have.

The bear with a lollipop (Yi-Shen's present from Ching).

This is a picture taken before leaving the hall. Notice that it is elongated. I had to! My face is way too round in it. But after doing so, Chyi and L's faces seems too long. I don't care!!

Maybe you'll notice that I did not take any pictures with my friends at my convocation. So if you did notice, here's the sad part of my story.

Right after the ceremony, when people started taking group shots with friends, my Dad announced that we should leave the place and go get our family photo taken. I was disappointed a lil' then, fearing that my friends would take their pics without me. But, we still had to leave. My family will have to leave Malacca pretty soon because to go back takes another 7-8 hours drive. So I understand.

After taking our family photo, my dad was getting impatient (whole morning haven't had anything to eat, long wait, hot weather, traffic jam, have to drive long hours, have to check out of hotel, etc.) and started being very moody.

He threw his tantrum when fetching me back to the hall. I got very sad and cried terribly after gotten down from the car because my mum said sorry for what've happened.

I couldn't care that people was staring, I was a graduate in her robe crying with non-waterproof mascara, pulling her luggage under the hot sun, walking pass every other happy graduates with their proud parents, trying to call Yi-Shen with a phone that so happened failed on her! Plus, Yi-Shen had just left the hall and was heading to their hotel rooms already! Fuck or not?

I couldn't stop my tears and I had only 1 piece of tissue paper left. Damn I tell you, real damn.

No one would understand my feelings then!

No one!!!

To cut the story short, Yi-Shen turned around and picked me up from that miserable place.

Convocation...... What a disappointing one for me. I couldn't understand why my Dad had to be so angry over things. Did he really have to shout at us that way, especially to my Mum? I'd feel better if he only shouted at us. It was no one's fault, none of us, including him. No one did anything wrong that day, why did it had to end that way?

Well, when friends want to have a look at my convo photos, I have none.

In conclusion, my convocation was not an occasion I have happy memories of.

P/S : My Dad sent me 2 sms saying that he is sorry for what had happened. None of us would have expected that from him! So I have forgiven him, and really hope that our family can be a happy and loving one. But, I still feel a loss in me for not having the chance to take those pictures.

-End of Convo-

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