Tuesday, August 23, 2005

hamsap uncles

phew weet~ lenglui!


Qu na li ah?

You kong ma?

I tell you! It's normal, understandable and acceptable that young punks go whistling and making fun at us girls, but what about them who are uncles?? Uncles who most probably are people's husbands, someone's father, or grandfathers-to-be? Gosh...

Often, I find males above the age of 40 are the ones that STARES! There he is, holding his daughter's hand, evaluating me from head to toe. There he is, walking with his wife, having his eyes on my boobs. There he is, waiting for the LRT, looking down at me sitting to make sure if my panties can't be seen (if not he will be very sorry for himself if he had missed the chance).

Tolonglah, stop being so horny cannot mer?

There was once where I was walking to the LRT station, an uncle was driving his car towards my direction. For god's sake, he wound down his window while passing and asked me where am I going! I felt so disgusted. They're certainly not young anymore, why do they still want to do these kinda things? Their days of so-called flirting with girls are long gone, don't they realise that? What are they actually thinking when they do all those disgusting and sickening things??

Don't they have something better to do?


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SheriCheryi said...

that was sweet of you to say that. but i can assure you, in their eyes, they do not categorise girls as pretty and not pretty ones. i just don't understand them.