Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Convo Journey 2

This is a picture of myself that I find nice. Yes, I do have thick skin.


Dad fetched us from Kuala Terengganu bus station and from there we headed to Genting. The journey was rather uncomfortable because 4 of us had to "sardin" ourselves in the back seats of a humble WAJA. Furthermore, it took us not less than 5 hours to arrive the Skyway station where Li and I took the cable car up to the top of the hill.

She was very excited about it.

See, so young also wanna put on make-up. Look old la sister... =D

Genting is always fun for me; I like the weather there and, BLUSH! in Genting is always on great sale! I got myself a very very nice black nightgown this trip! Everyone will surely fall in one with it, what's more if I'm the one wearing? Hahah!! Kidding la ok...

Feel like showing the nightgown to you here, but I think I better not. Just in case my mum visits my blog... It's sexy ok? Heheheh...

Instead, I'll show everyone her orchid that she's very proud of! First time flowering mar...

We always have Dim Sum for breakfast at Genting. And after breakfast, dad goes to the Casino and we, continue shopping.

Yoh, her eyes!!!

She insisted that I put her this particular picture here. "It's pretty", she claims.

Victor Yong said I am pretty.


Time to leave for Malacca! Thus, another 2 hours of "sardining".


I got to meet my Uni friends almost anywhere we go. Malacca is a small town, everyone whose graduating was there for the weekend.

For 2 days there, all we did was eat, eat, eat.

This belongs to a shop at Jonker's Street, which so happen shared the same name as my secondary school good friend.

*I can't seem to continue adding images here. So I'll have a Journey 3. Sorry~

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